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Thread: 20th Anniversary V-Pet Thread Discussion Tips Etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slasor View Post
    I just recently purchased the 20th anniversary digimons and a question about the evolution. I know they accelerated the evolution time. The old ones took 5 days to evolve to champ. This one evolved to a champ at 1 year old the day it turned 2. They died due to me having to work and i forgot about them. Well now one is two and hasnt evolved. Any reason why?
    Just give it more time.. Evolution to champion takes 24 hours from the rookie stage, and only time spent awake counts. Maybe you've been putting your digimon to sleep?

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    an update on my adventures with my v-pets

    after several attempts to get something good on my Ver.3 and ending up with Sukamon each time. i removed the batteries and put them into my "ver.6" and now have a Tentomon.

    as for my Ver.20th. I gained access to Zubamon's egg and have been raising a Zubamon egg and a Dracomon egg. since I seem to not be the best at raising digimon and always end up with the least desirable results and never get above champion level, i decided to try the special eggs
    switching to the more liniar special eggs at first didn't seem to help much. but then the other day I finally managed to get them to ultimate level. Duramon and Wingdramon! super surprised and super happy.
    and now Duramon has Digivovled into Durandamon. my first mega!
    sadly Wingdramon hasn't digivovled along with him. so I'm worried I have done something wrong with him.

    I haven't really looked into evolution requirements or anything and have just been trying to "raise them well" (feed them when they're hungry. train them. battle with them. keep their win ratios high, treat their wounds, turn the lights off when they're asleep.) and it seems to have finally paid off for Durandamon. so that's still a win in my book

    if i lose Wingdramon I'll probably try raising one of the normal eggs again, and see what I can get from it.

    but yeah, just wanted to share my joy over finally getting a digimon over the champion level

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    Well, I awoke this morning to the sound of Wingdramon passing away.
    disappointing, but not unexpected.
    still not a great way to start my morning.
    at the end of his death melody he seemed to look happy, and an egg with a question mark appeared next to him.
    both then quickly vanished and were replaced with a grave marker.

    Durandamon is still doing fine.

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    My banchomamemon is reaching the record for me for how long it's lived :3 I killed off the hiandromon and slowly but surely trying to fill out my book (minus the version exclusive digimon). Omnimon alter s is last on my list though as honestly he seems like the most difficult to get.
    I am tempted to buy a zubamon version to unlok both meicoomon final evos with the pendulum although that the would mean resetting my brown :'(

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    We might be able to use the pendulum to unlock meicoomon on the zubamon version..

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    Quote Originally Posted by BladeSabre View Post
    To get to Perfect level, you have to battle 15 times at Adult level (battles at Child level don't count). So I would assume you really do have to battle 100 times at Perfect level for these. Isn't 8 a bit young though?

    I just got WarGreymon on my white version.
    At age 7 on this attempt, I finally got MetalGarurumon today! 100 battles and 3 care mistakes at Perfect level is indeed correct.

    I kinda want to test this out on my Original Brown to see if it's an unadvertised feature on that, but also I don't want to go through that whole process yet again XD;

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    So I've been trying every Jogress variation I could think of to see what each one does, and I finally managed to break it. Here's the deal with the "Digimon without a name".

    I had Aegisdramon and Mugendramon, plus a copy Mugendramon.
    Won 3 tag battles with Aegisdramon and the copy. Then copied 2 Agumons to avoid any confusion.
    Then won 2 tag battles with the two real Digimon. On the previous run, I picked Aegisdramon first, and they Jogressed normally. But on this run, I picked Mugendramon first. Here's a video starting from the 5th battle:

    The result is a bugged Botamon, which indeed lacks a name. Most of its sprites are the same (so no animations) but its second refusal sprite is a black "?" egg. It has a stomach size of 1 (started with 4 hearts filled, but once it got hungry, would only eat 1 food). It looks like it has stamina, but can't battle. It sleeps 24 hours a day, so has to be woken repeatedly to make it do anything. It loses hearts once per minute, but only after the timer has rolled over from its previous evolution (which could be up to 90 minutes awake). Once it started losing hearts and I stopped feeding it, it died quite quickly. The two Digimon I started since it died seem to be growing normally.

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    Well, tonight I lost Durandamon. No idea why he died. I was looking after him fine..Currently have a BaoHackmon and a BabydmonOut of curiosity. Is there a way to “save” your Digimon when they’re dying?I remember the X Pendulums I think it was had a way of rescuing your Digimon from death’s Door. Did they implement something like that with these ones?I figure they don’t since the original VPets didn’t have that. But given how long that death jingle is. I wondered if that may have meant I could prevent their death somehow. So figured I’d ask
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    Is anyone else's gold paint on the alphamon version turning dull? Or fading? I tried cleaning the gold parts and I got this green stuff on the q-tip. I think the paint is oxidising.
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    The Gold Paint on my Zubamon Ver. definitely started to rub off on the corners after a couple weeks use. I'd honestly love to just scrub all the Gold paint off and just have the regular yellow chassis that is hiding underneath.

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