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Thread: 20th Anniversary V-Pet Thread Discussion Tips Etc

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    In analyzing the battle connection signals, there are 2 bits that look like data/virus/vaccine. So I guess that means the 20th Anniversary V-Pet does have attributes, and they probably have an effect on battles.

    Also, weighing 99g gives the same penalty as having 0 strength. (EDIT: And the same for a copy Digimon in a tag battle.) These effects don't stack. 98g is as good as minimum weight. The weight doesn't matter for the book codes.

    And regarding book codes, I jogressed my BlitzGreymon while it definitely had 4 strength, but the BlitzGreymon page after it evolved had the code for 2-3 strength. So it seems that to get the best code, you really have to take it when the Digimon is present, and the big book of codes is pretty useless.

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    I don't know if this has been pointed out already, but I noticed after hatching a new egg that the Baby 1 stage Digimon does not sleep. It won't even let you switch off the lights for it.


    I got Examon the other day, and as of now I have completed at least one line from each egg, and acquired all the Jogres Digimon. The only exception being the version exclusive Agumon egg. Damn it Bandai >.>

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