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Thread: Digimon in V-Jump August- Bunch of stuff! 20th Anniversary Pop-Up Shop & Card Set!

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    Digimon in V-Jump August- Bunch of stuff! 20th Anniversary Pop-Up Shop & Card Set!

    Time for a new V-Jump!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Lots of things to go over in this one.

    First up we have a bit of tri. Part 5, which includes a nice piece of art of Ophanimon Falldown mode.

    Underneath are quick looks at the updated Digivice Version. 15th, Digivolving Spirits, and the tri. Stage Play.

    Update- A rough translation from garm (text is small and fuzzy, so it isn't really possible to read everything.) This is true of various translated bits throughout this article.
    Meicoomon goes berserk, causing abnormalities in the real world with its infection. These affect the digital world too, and the kids get ousted from the digital world back to the real world, but they are wanted because they have Digimon with them. Meiko continues to worry, while a [cruel fate?] draws near Hikari.

    Ophanimon Falldown Mode: It was originally an Angel Digimon until it was engulfed in sinister flames... what exactly happened!?

    Next up we have....

    Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)

    It appears data on the D-1 Grand Prix for the 20th Anniversary V-Pet will be given on June 26th, the actual 20th anniversary of Digimon.

    Update- The D-1 Grand Prix will be part of the Digimon Web website, and there will also be some sort of livestream on the 26th.

    They will begin pre-orders for a 20th anniversary Digimon card set on the 26th also! Most of the details are hard to read, but it looks like the set will have 60 cards.

    Update- Translated bits
    The 20th card set contains: card case, 60 card deck, special storage box (including play sheet/manual).
    It will cost 9000 yen, the ETA is late November.
    They advertise a new set 'Booster Ver. 20th', but I'm not too sure if they're sold as separate booster packs, or if the 60 cards are from that set, or what. The set will include Digimon from the Ver. 20th V-Pet.

    Some new LCD Sprite Digimon to Digimon Linkz for you to use.

    Then we have a stack of Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory news! Nokia's back! We also see a new character named Imai Chitose who is partnered with an Ankylomon.

    Update- More translated bits
    Nokia Shiramine: Has a strong sense of justice, and despises crooked means. She formed the Rebellions in order to protect Digimon.

    Chitose Imai: The vice-leader of Hudie. ... [can't read this bit] The moodmaker of the team.
    A supporting pillar of Hudie!!

    Chitose networks with various teams; however...!?

    Chitose keeps in contact with Rebellions, and is also in charge of maintaining connections between Hudie and other teams.

    On top, Appmon! And something else...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The Appmon page is mostly a look at the God Grades and how they will be in various Appmon merchandise. A nice look at stuff, but nothing that exciting... until you look at the bottom left corner...

    Cause there is something super exciting there!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    A 20th Anniversary Digimon Pop-Up Shop! It'll be at the Ikebukuro and Nagoya Limited Base P'Parco shops (the same locations used in previous Digimon pop-up shops) and it's going to cover the ENTIRE franchise!

    The name of the shop is The Digimon Universe 20th Anniversary Shop!

    The first look at the pop up shop key art features the leads from Adventure, Zero-Two, Tamers, Frontier, Savers, Xros Wars, Hunters, tri., and Appmon!

    The shop will be open July 7th thru 26th (hey look, it opens on my birthday!) and we will no doubt get a ton of new information soon!

    Hopefully we get higher resolution images of the V-Jump soon so we can get more details out of everything.

    Thanks to boku for the heads up and a baidu user for the scans.

    Update- Added various translated bits thanks to garm.

    Update- Added higher quality versions of page 2 and 3 (the ones with Hacker's Memory content) via Gematsu, they're from the same initial source based on the tag.
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    so Goddramon and Megidramon are in HM? could this mean they complete the 4 holy dragons team? in that case we might even get the sovereign.

    oh and since the new guys partner is Ankylomon we probably also see what Mega they give him, gonna be interesting.
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    I love the new artwork Hacker's Memory is doing of returning characters. Makes everything feel really fresh. The improved roster is looking good too, but I hope they don't reveal everything before the game is out.

    Ophanimon FM looking appropriately creepy. Part 5 is gonna rock.

    Small advertisement of what looks to be the transforming Alphamon figure in the corner of the Digivolving Spirits spread. Wonder what their timeframe is for releases for everything.

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    I'm going digital
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    Megidramon and Goddramon MAH BOOOOIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's one step more to introduce Dorugoramon, then I can die in peace. C'mon Habumon, you can do it!!!

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    Goddramon, Megidramon, Mushmon, Airdramon, and Tueryemon? Nice choices, especially Goddramon and Megidramon. Also curious about the Ankylomon guy.

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    Well now I feel like a right dumbass cause I didn't think we'd be getting another Appmon Chip set until at least August given the pattern of updates being every other month and the most recent one being the 10th of June.
    Last edited by Chimera-gui; 06-17-2017 at 12:41 PM.
    I'll work to see that justice will be fully served, meow~!

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    The it's safe to bet that we'll get the God Grades around August.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterOfTartarus View Post
    oh and since the new guys partner is Ankylomon we probably also see what Mega they give him, gonna be interesting.
    Here's hoping Vikemon, in all its glorious random.

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    Mushmon is huge.

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