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Thread: Squishable Koromon Previewed

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    Squishable Koromon Previewed

    Always nice to get an early product preview.

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    Especially when we only found out about the license a month ago.

    During a drawing livestream they did earlier today on their Facebook, Squishable showed off an upcoming Digimon Squishable plush.


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    I skimmed the livestream and only noticed the Koromon in the last 10 seconds, but it's possible a look at it appears elsewhere.

    The webcam was a small window in the livestream.

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    A much earlier preview for one of these plushies than most of us expected I'd guess.

    Hopefully more details soon.

    Thanks to a number of people who sent in messages about this.
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    Cute, looks like something I might get for kicks. Hopefully affordable/accessible (unlike some others).

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    That Koromon plush. i want it! :O

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    That's very cute. I think we all would want that.

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