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Thread: Digivolving Spirits WarGreymon US Pre-Orders

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    Digivolving Spirits WarGreymon US Pre-Orders

    We generally try and not do many 'so here is another place to order these' posts...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    But in an oddity we've had two of them (including this one) in the last day.

    Digivolving Spirits being available from two commonly used American shops will no doubt make things easier for a lot of people.

    Amazon has pre-orders up for $65 with free shipping
    (Affiliate link) that'll ship in December.
    Crunchyroll has pre-orders for $60, discounted to $57 for a day

    These may have differences in packaging due to them likely being different stock for American distribution (Bluefin, the US distributor often works with Tamashii on themed, localized packaging when appropriate.)

    CDJapan has sold out of their pre-orders for Digivolving Spirits WarGreymon likely due to it's discounted price, (Affiliate link- but you're welcome to keep looking in case they are able to get more), but luckily, we have two American centered shops that will be stocking it.

    Detailed information and images of Digivolving Spirits WarGreymon can be found here.
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    does nobody else think Agumon's claws are a bit too big ?

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    I come from the net flintlock's Avatar
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    the only thing I don't really like is the shin armour but it's still pretty good imo.

    Canadians can't order from amazon.com right?

    I already preordered it from Amiami but I might buy from bluefin from the future if it shows up on amazon.ca

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    Last I checked they were also in stock from BigBadToyStore who I've ordered from in the past, for reasonable prices. Amazon and Crunchyroll are great places too.

    I had to get the Complete Memory set from eBay though =P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digi_TaKi View Post
    does nobody else think Agumon's claws are a bit too big ?
    Since they're transforming into WarGreymon's gauntlets, they kinda have to be.

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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Yeah, the small shin armor and the huge backpack are my main negatives on the figure. I think the latter could have been avoided somehow. Still an awesome figure, which I pre-ordered back on the 29th through CDJapan.

    I think I owned the original figure, but with brown instead of grey (either it was a bootleg or my memory is confusing the weird brownish grey of the original figure with actual brown). I've lost most of the pieces though.
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