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Thread: Question about Xros Wars toys and the original planned DigiXroses

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    Question about Xros Wars toys and the original planned DigiXroses

    I know that we only get very blurry pics of that chart showing the original plans for Xros Wars' story and DigiXroses, but if I recall correctly, we were at least able to tell that future DigiXroses would consist entirely/primarily of "base" Digimon that we did get.

    So while we never got clear pics of what the combinations looked like, would it theoretically be possible to use the existing toys (Shoutmon, Starmons, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Beelzebumon, Sparrowmon, Greymon, MailBirdramon, Cyberdramon, Deckerdramon, SkullKnightmon, DeadlyAxemon & Tuwarmon) to make the scrapped future DigiXroses?

    Assuming that the scrapping of the toyline upon the start of Death Generals was evidence the toyline was based on these original plans?

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    Assuming you are referring to this pics, I guess we are talking then about the never-shown DigiXross between Shoutmon, Greymon and SkullKnightmon (the three main Digimon from each army apart from Bagra), whose tentative name is GreySkullShoutmon. In my humble opinion, I believe they just cast aside this idea, at least for the anime or manga, and they decided instead to focus and expand it for the 2011 pair of games Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Blue & Red in the form of Shoutmon X3GM, Shoutmon X3SD and GreyKnightsmon:

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