A few Digimon items are coming back in a super limited fashion.

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Megahobby Expo 2017 Spring is this weekend and lots of new products from many brands will be on display.

Premium Bandai is going to have limited stock of a dozen items to celebrate, and 3 of them are Digimon items!

These items won't be gotten by any of us, but it's nice to see them back in a limited fashion.

The 3 items are:
The Daisuke/V-mon and Takato/Guilmon Megahouse GEM figure combo set for 15,336 yen
The lifesize Koromon from the 'Stuffed Collection' for 4,968 yen
The Mimi/Lilymon Megahouse GEM figure for 7,992 yen

The lottery can be entered by people in Japan by clicking the big orange button towards the bottom of each items product page.

The lottery for each item is May 22nd at 11pm thru May 31st at 11pm (Japan time), with winners announced on June 2nd. Winners will be allowed to purchase the item they entered the lotto for.

It's worth mentioning for those of in the USA who want these items...

Right Stuf still has Mimi/Lilymon stock
Crunchyroll still has Daisuke/V-Mon and Takato/Guilmon in stock separately.
Koromon was never made available outside of the Premium Bandai store to my knowledge.

Their stock is likely low so it's probably worth getting ASAP if you've been considered nabbing them.

No intermediaries are being linked or provided for these items because in general they won't do these because of the low chance of winning and the very limited timeframe involved (you're welcome to contact your favorite intermediary to try though.)

Hopefully we get some news out of Megahobby Expo 2017 Spring this weekend though, it'd be nice to see painted versions of some recent prototypes, and we always hope to see prototypes of new figures and products.