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Thread: Digimon and Appmon Info/Images from July Cover Dated V-Jump

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    Digimon and Appmon Info/Images from July Cover Dated V-Jump

    We have all the V-Jump stuff from the July issue now!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    A good chunk of this we saw earlier, but we now have good images.

    For stuff we've already seen, I'll be linking to prior articles and have older translated details there, only putting the new details here (there is little we don't already have this month, minus a really nice Appmon page.)

    This time, we're starting off with a few different 20th Anniversary products

    The top features Digivolving Spirits, the upcoming Tamashii toyline, and with this better image we can see a bit more text!

    "The popular transforming figures sold in the early 2000s will be revived as Digivolving Spirits, with an even cooler flair!!"

    At the bottom of the page we see various details about the 2nd wave of 20th V-Pets, along with a quick look at the recently released Alphmon NXEdge Style figure. No new details about either of these that we didn't previously know.

    Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)

    All the Hacker's Memory details are things we found out from previous images of this V-Jump issue.

    We finish with Appmon!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The Appmon bits include a new profile for Gaiamon, along with some fantastic looking art.

    Gaiamon: A god of creation that gained wisdom of the world. It is able to create all sorts of objects, such as weapons or tools.
    On top of this they show the image of the Gatchmon Version of the AppliDrive Duo, which is out June 24th for 5,500 yen. Changeable covers will allow it to be turned into other characters' Duo.

    They also mention that the next issue will have more on 'godly chips' (more information on God Grade Appmon Chips no doubt.)

    Thanks to ukyou for the images and to garm for the translated bits.

    I'll be swapping out the images in recent V-Jump related articles with better images from here.

    Update- We originally referred to this as the June cover date V-Jump, it has been corrected to the July cover date.
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    Seeing the NXEdge Alphamon makes me more excited for the Digivolving Spirits. Something about the chibi style never clicked with me.

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    Completely digital salman332's Avatar
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    That art of Gaiamon... So cool...
    Wait is that mini earth on his hand
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    I come from the net Seymour Butz's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by salman332 View Post
    Wait is that mini earth on his hand
    That would make sense given the theme of Globemon and the perennial prerogative to parallel older digimon designs, in this case War Greymon. I like the way that the red energy lines ending in circular ports on a white background simultaneously evoke technology and Shinto body paint — a syncretism of classic myth and futuristic sci-fi that is very Japanese and very DIGIMON in particular. Also notice the little nods to his other incorporated elements: the golden navigation arrows at his temples and similar shapes elsewhere; the clock-like semblance that those periodic spikes give to his halo; the general red-on-white scheme and the loincloth that evokes the cape of Charismon. Despite finding him a little underdone in detail for a modern ultimate and possessed of a blandly humanoid robotic form that I don’t generally favour, whose few draconic elements are just insipid enough to be even more unwelcome, the way Gaiamon both visually and conceptually evokes War Greymon, Susano’omon, his own prior forms and classic franchise æsthetics is A+. I can’t wait to see his super ultimate: just a few more details could really bring this design up to GoAT tier.

    Too bad his show’s still bad though.
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    Too bad his show’s still bad though
    Is it me or Gaiamon looks more like DoGatchmon than Globemon?

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    Completely digital kkanbara's Avatar
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    amazing. Do we have any idea f they're still gonna sell Haru's cover separately? I hope so since I got the Yuujin ver of the duo hoping I could pair Haru's cover on

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    I'm a Maniac
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    Yeah, they're selling all 4 covers separately.

    Speaking of which, I hope the 2D art saves Uranomon's design.

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    I come from the net
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    Wow. That is nice. We're going to get God Modes and the new Digivice soon. Can't wait to see the rest.

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