Hi bits and bytes, Jack here.

I figured I'd make an effort to introduce myself in case people wonder why I plan to dig through old threads
and ask questions (don't worry, they'll come in waves) that I don't expect many people will be able to answer.

I've been lurking for a little while. The 20th anniversary V-pet Brought me back here and I've been lurking
ever since. It caused my Digimon Love to come surging back to which I'm currently playing through Cyber
Sleuth, LiTS podcasts, tri and the Card game. I also have a wonderswan and digimon games so I'm scouring
through the net for cards and information to play with my wife and two other friends that will "lower their
standards" (their words not mine!) to play this tcg among the hoards of others we play.

I don't plan on being popular or thread bombing my way to a fancy title. I just respect that this is the biggest
english group of digimon fans on the internet and hope to pick as many brains for information as possible.
Thanks for reading this and if you're interested (this is the whole reason you read this far) my favourite
Digimon are Dukemon, Bancho Leomon and Mamemon. fanart is invited. :P