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Thread: Digimon Adventure tri. Stage Play -The August 1st Adventure- to run in August

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    Digimon Adventure tri. Stage Play -The August 1st Adventure- to run in August

    Wow, I don't think Digimon has had one of these before.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    In August Digimon Adventure tri. is getting a stage play!

    Super Evolution Stage "Digimon Adventure tri. -The August 1st Adventure-" will run from August 5th to the 13th at the Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi.

    It will be a side story. Additional details including the key visual, cast, ticket info, etc. are to come soon.

    The information they give at the moment indicates the story will focus on the 8 Chosen Children and more information will be forthcoming.

    10 performances total:
    August 5- 1pm and 6pm
    August 6- 1pm
    August 8- 7pm
    August 9- 7pm
    August 11- 6pm
    August 12- 1pm and 6pm
    August 13- 12pm and 4:30pm

    For the time being they are promoting it with a modified version of the original tri. promotional poster.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The stage show production is by Polygon Magic and organized by the Digimon Adventure tri. Theater Production Committee (Toei Animation, Polygon Magic, Eplus.)

    Polygon Magic has previously produced a Hetalia musical, a Corda D'Oro musical play, and a Sengoku Musou stage play, among other stage productions. In addition to their stage productions they have also been involved with video game production, event production and coordination, and television and film production for well known franchises such as Psycho Pass, Ace Attorney, Bleach, and Sesame Street.

    Thanks to shin for a bunch of translation help.

    Update- Added a translated version of their calendar/schedule image that shin made.
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    This really is something new. I want to go... hope they put it on DVD at some point...

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    Ain't got no mojo... GK45's Avatar
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    That's certainly odd, wonder how it would work.
    I'll admit, not really something I would normally be interested in but I'm sort of curious.

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    Ain't got no mojo... Zekkaina Solo's Avatar
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    Whoa, I can't wait to see the visuals for this! I always see anime stage play news on sites like Anime News Network ...
    I wonder if it's just a play or if it's a musical like some of them turn into (I think Sailor Moon was one)?
    And at least it's Tri, not the original series, so hopefully it won't look too awkward for the adult actors. Ooh, I wonder how they're gonna do any Digimon?
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    Sounds very interesting! I'm a big fan of the "Sera Myu" shows (Sailor Moon musicals) so I'm glad that Digimon is getting this kind of attention. I really hope they film one of the shows and release it on home media.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zekkaina Solo View Post
    Ooh, I wonder how they're gonna do any Digimon?
    That's the first thing that came to mind for me, honestly. They already have the Agumon and Gabumon suits, so it's a possibility they make the others. Gomamon might be a bit awkward, though.

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    I think some stage productions use screens as the backdrop, which could be how the Digimon appear.
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    I believe the old Sailor Moon SuperS musicals used what basically amounted to a laser effect for their version of Pegasus, whereas the new one used an actual actor.

    It would be very interesting if they cast actors as the Digimon but not in suits or not as special effect voiceovers -- I mean maybe people wearing things that identify them as the specific partners, but still appearing very human. It would be a unique take for sure. Kinda like the Broadway version of The Lion King.

    Of course this will focus on the original 8 as advertised, but I think it would be interesting if they reference the 02 kids or maybe even put in some self-aware humor regarding the whole situation, lol. Stage shows are great for that sort of thing.

    EDIT: Though since this is specifically a Digimon Adventure Tri stage show, it is possible they will forego the Digimon partners altogether and maybe focus on the core 8 just before the first film takes place. I doubt it personally, as they probably want to capitalize on the "Digimon" part more than anything else, but at the same time I guess it's a possibility?

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    Junior Commander Vaioumon's Avatar
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    I would want big ridiculous suit actors just because it'd be hilarious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaioumon View Post
    I would want big ridiculous suit actors just because it'd be hilarious.
    To be fair, Japan are known for films about giant suit monsters.

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