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Thread: Digimon Adventure tri. Stage Play -The August 1st Adventure- to run in August

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    Oh, I know it, I'm just hoping they don't draw the line here.

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    If they do suit actors or something with a special effect, it's possible they might also use the original Digimon VAs with pre-recorded lines. That would be interesting because while I've gotten used to the kids' new voices in Tri, I don't think I could imagine Agumon and co. voiced by anyone else (at least not at the moment).

    Me personally, I'd prefer a more humanized/anthropomorphic/"gijinka" concept for the partner Digimon in their Child forms (Adult for Tailmon). The more monstrous forms might require suits while others (WereGarurumon, Angewomon, Angemon, Lillymon) might be better off with regular human actors -- assuming the stage show even goes that far with the evolutions.

    There's so much we don't know and it's so exciting! ^__^

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    New thread with stage play visual, synopsis, and the male cast can be found here.
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