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Thread: Appmon to Feature on TV-Tokyo series Jump Undercover Mission Police

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    Appmon to Feature on TV-Tokyo series Jump Undercover Mission Police

    Appmon will be featuring on another TV-Tokyo series today...

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    Jump Undercover Mission Police (JUMP) is a youth oriented variety show based around the various Jump magazines (Weekly Shonen Jump, Jump SQ, V-Jump, Saikyou Jump) and it's related anime, manga, and game franchises.

    Activities in episodes have included:
    Visiting a manga creator's studio to see how they work.
    Attempting to do things in manga they've recently read.
    Various games and contests with staff members.
    Discussions of anime and how the hosts feel and have reacted to things they enjoy.
    Looking at both current ongoing and classic anime and manga franchises.

    Basically they have fun while promoting various anime, manga, and games.

    Episode 159 of JUMP airs directly after episode 32 of Appmon.

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    In the episode, titled "The Appmon Showdown with Haru is Here!" they will have Yumi Uchiyama (Haru) and Makoto Furukawa (Yuujin) as guests.

    Uchiyama and Furukawa will be in the JUMP studio for a 'Game Battle' against the JUMP Leaders.

    JUMP is hosted by:
    Nakata Atsuhiko (part of the comedy duo Oriental Radio)- Chief Detective of the Investigation Unit (Leader): Maintains the peace at JUMP
    Adachi Rika- Member in charge of doing new assignments (Administrator): Her forte is anime and games
    Ikoma Rina (Nogizaka 46 member)- Investigation Unit Data Analysis Officer (Investigator Leader): Data Officer with a ton of love for Jump

    Thanks to shin for the translations and the heads up that this is airing.
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    Junior Commander LucasPSI's Avatar
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    Lots and lots of great appmon news today. I love it

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    I come from the net Jay Ukyou's Avatar
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    Oh hey, I've watched this show before. It's very much a Japanese talk show, but otaku-themed. I wish I could watch it tomorrow, but I have to work...
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    Is there are place to stream this from America?

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    I come from the net
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    ...Oh. Jump. I get it. Should be interesting if we could watch it.

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