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Thread: Digimon Plush Minis, Review and Images

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    Digimon Plush Minis, Review and Images

    Time for plushies!

    Digimon Plush Minis from Zag Toys are coming out and as the next round of American released Digimon merchandise we're all quite curious to check them out.

    Their Digimon Domez have proven quite popular among fans, with Zag Toys even reporting they are the top selling item per square foot at stores such as Hot Topic.

    Each plush is $8 and blind boxed.

    Zag Toys sent me a display box along with 12 boxes of the new Digimon plushies, so let's take a look at these and see if they are worth your money.

    Let's go ahead and start off with what you should be looking for in stores.

    I feel like the display box this time is a big improvement from the Domez box (which I actually liked, this one just seems much better.) The boxes all sit out in the open with the Digimon logo prominently visible. I also quite like that we see images of plushies on the display this time, not just artistic interpretations.

    Lots of images of the product on the box this time, and it makes it clear that are 9 plushes: 8 normal and a mystery character.

    The blind boxes contain all the information about the products in case they get separated from the display box. You could argue the blind boxes look busy, but I rather like that they have all the information contained.

    Much like last time with the Domez, these boxes are truly blind, no markings or codes hidden on the box to reveal what is inside.

    When the box is opened you get a small foil pouch that you have to tear open to get at your plush.

    Onto the various plushies!

    Gotta start off with Agumon (again) of course...

    Agumon as a plush has none of the issues the Domez did. The overall design of the plush is very pleasant and works well as Agumon. The stitch lines are obvious but not bothersome. I think the use of some different color thread to separate his stomach from his chest worked out extremely well and is a nice design touch.

    The colors in general for Agumon work quite well. He isn't the most complicated design, but Agumon is a very nice basic plush. I find myself especially amused by his brow ridges above his eyes. They are a fantastic little touch. I've found they are soft enough that you can move them slightly, and if you push them down he looks sort of angry.

    Agumon's claws are a bit stiffer, and sewn on. I'm not really familiar with materials so I'm unsure what to call it, but it works well with claws. This same material is used on other Digimon for similar detailing work.

    Gabumon time!

    I like Gabumon, but he certainly seems a bit chunky and derpy compared to some of the others. The chunkyness actually works because it means he is very stable sitting down. Much like the Domez, I feel like Gabumon will be a favorite among fans. There are lots of little details with Gabumon, with perhaps my favorite being that the stripes on his 'coat' are actually a different material (the same goes for his stomach detailing.)

    I like that Gabumon's tail is the same material used to make Gabumon itself, but is empty of any filling. It makes it floppy in a funny way, and I've actually stopped writing a few times to flick his tail. At the moment I'm still working on straightening out of his horn, which got crushed a little bit in the packaging.

    Up next is Gomamon!

    Gomamon is one of the plushes that perhaps looks most like the Digimon. The design works well, and various details have been added on using other materials. His mane/mohwak being freestanding fibers works especially well. It isn't necessarily obvious from photos, but the fibers used for his mane actually have some metallic bits in them, so it slightly glimmers in light. It's a fantastic detail.

    My Gomamon enjoys tipping over forward when I tap him a bit, which I'm generally amused by.

    Onto Biyomon!

    Biyomon is one that they've added some nice detailing to. She has a little bit of cloth material around one leg to represent the band she has in her design, they gave her the nice curly on top of her head.

    I also like how her tail can sort of 'snap' to her body if need be (likely was done this way so it wouldn't smush during transportation.) Although they appear to have stuffed Biyomon a touch to much, as her bottom is so round she seems to tip over very easily. It was incredibly hard to photograph her on a flat surface.


    I have to be honest... I sort of giggle every time I see Patamon. He has such a roly poly body and design that it just looks unbearably hilarious. He may actually be one of my favorites.

    It's a bit interesting that they designed Patamon as 'standing up' when having him on all 4 would have arguably been easier, but it works well when he doesn't tip over. His wings are folded over his front when you pull him out of the package, so they have a nice curve to them that works exceptionally well in the design.

    Hey look, it's the mystery character... Greymon!

    Greymon also has a bit of a balance issue, but I love the design. It takes the elements I enjoy from Agumon and scales them upwards. They are clearly entirely different designs, but probably designed in tandem to look reminiscent of eachother in a fun way.

    His front horn is done well, and his side horns are a bit softer, more like Gabumon's tail, so you can flick them if you want. I feel like my favorite part of Greymon is his arms though... they are so short and stubbly that they make me laugh and smile.

    Much like the Domez though... the specter of the blind pack raises it's head again. Opening 12 boxes I only got 6 of the 9 plushes.

    Blind boxes are a fun and neat way to get some decent plushes, but you have to weigh the risk of not getting what you want, or a full set (without trading.)

    The last three of the plushes (Palmon, Tentomon, and Gatomon) I only have images off the box unfortunately. Palmon apparently doesn't like me, because I've seen no sign of her in both the Domez and the Plush Minis.

    The plushes themselves are all nice, soft, and small (they can fit in the palm of your hand in general), but are of a reasonably high quality for $8 I'd say. They do seem to have some minor dings in relation to being stuffed in the bags, but it seems to be minor in general (stuff like straightening out claws, or Gabumon's horn as I mentioned above.)

    Update- I'm adding a size comparison with one of the plushes since I was asked.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    I put it next to the tri. Part 1 Blu-ray because that's what I had on hand that most people would have a decent idea of the size of.

    Also, due to the odd ratio I had, Zag Toys confirmed a variability issue that is being dealt with at the moment. While being packaged the plushes are not being randomized properly, so rummaging around and picking boxes that aren't sitting next to eachother would be a good idea. Update- I've confirmed with Zag Toys that the variability issue is purely 'inside' each case. The number inside the case itself is correct, so if you jumble them up or grab ones not sitting next to eachother you'll be fine.

    I'm less torn on these because, in general, they seem higher quality than the Domez, but the price is also $8 per plush instead of $5 per Dome. The higher price is slightly offset in that they're a bit easier to collect since Greymon is 'not' a chase this time around (this has been confirmed with Zag Toys.) He's simply a mystery plush not revealed on the packaging, but his actual distribution ratio matches the other characters.

    Thanks to Zag Toys for sending us the display box and 12 of the blind boxes (full retail boxes will contain 24 blind boxes.)

    Digimon Plush Minis will be available in Hot Topic, FYE, Newbury Comics, Gamestop, Think Geek, and Five Below with other stores to follow later (the same as the Digimon Domez.)

    They officially should start to appear in late May or early June, but much like the Domez, it might be worth it to peek into a shop a bit early if you happen to be near one.

    Images are hosted on our gallery and embedded on the forum, so let us know if anything is acting up.

    Photos were taken by me using an iPhone 7 Plus. Photos were taken with the default camera application using whatever natural light was floating into the room at the time. Images were cropped and reduced in resolution to roughly 50%. Final images were JPG compressed.

    Since I didn't have a good backing to use to photograph, nor the materials on hand to make them, I simply made do.
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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Okay, I said this once, and I'll say it again, these plushies look so precious! I hope I have an easier time getting my mitts on them than I did with the Domez(I swear every time I go to the Hot Topic in my city or call them they say they don't have 'em in stock yet.(Seems Mobile, AL gets shafted a lot with these kinds of things apparently)

    Question, what kind of fabric material is the core base of the plushies made of? I wanna say it looks similar to minky but it's hard to tell

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoruAlphamon View Post
    Question, what kind of fabric material is the core base of the plushies made of? I wanna say it looks similar to minky but it's hard to tell
    The only mention of materials is that it contains polyster fiber and contains 'new materials only.'

    Any further information is likely standard for plushies, but it's simply outside of my area of expertise to guess. The outside is short fibers, and very pleasant to the touch.
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    I come from the net Rika24's Avatar
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    That Gomamon is so cute! And I love how round Patamon is lol.

    So if these are at 5 below then I'd say that's the place to get them from

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    I'm a Maniac Deep Saver's Avatar
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    I really want that Gomamon one, too cute!

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    Red shirt Kiimon: Blast Mode's Avatar
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    The Tentomon looks so adorable since its basically all head and I love the little details on Palmon. Although i could be a little biased since those two are my favorites from Adventure. The Agumon looks pretty good too.

    Quote Originally Posted by DoruAlphamon View Post
    I hope I have an easier time getting my mitts on them than I did with the Domez(I swear every time I go to the Hot Topic in my city or call them they say they don't have 'em in stock yet.(Seems Mobile, AL gets shafted a lot with these kinds of things apparently)
    I thought I was the only one who couldn't get any Domez. I checked 2 different Game Stops and a Hot Topic multiple times but they never had anything. I really hope they have these.

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    Completely digital NekoHaruko's Avatar
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    I love them. They are so cute and I would be willing to buy them. I hope the randomizing issue is fixed, cause I was planning on getting at least 9 boxes, but that seems to not even increase the odds!

    Digimon Adventure tri. part 6, Our Future!
    Coming out May 5th, Children's Day!
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    Ain't got no mojo... SydMontague's Avatar
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    Am I the only one who thinks they look really bad? oO

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    I'm a Maniac
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    Quote Originally Posted by SydMontague View Post
    Am I the only one who thinks they look really bad? oO
    yea... I would have to agree. patamon and agumon are probably the best out of the lot (and maybe tentomon). I liked the domez a lot more.

    I think I"ll still buy to support franchise, but won't attempt to collect entire set >.<

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    Patamon is really cute.

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