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Thread: tri. Part 5 Website Update- Teaser Text, Character Relationship and Evo Charts

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    tri. Part 5 Website Update- Teaser Text, Character Relationship and Evo Charts

    The official tri. website has updated!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The most notable visual detail is it's now themed after part 5, but there are a few other updates of note...

    The biggest (and most potentially spoilery one) is at the bottom of the news post...

    The first small detail of interest... Hirota Mitsutaka, one of the screenwriters of Digimon Adventure tri. (normally working on the script with others) is credited as the only screenwriter for part 5.

    Then... there are now pages to show the various evolutions of the Digimon.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Those looking for insight into various questions about what tri. will do for one specific character will no doubt jump to them right away... but will be disappointed in that it only goes up to tri. Part 4.

    Then we have a relationship chart!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    We've gone ahead and made an English version! If you want it untranslated you can find the page here.

    In addition, we have a story teaser/summary (really a bit of teaser text) for part 5. Those who want to avoid all information should run away at this point...

    To be clear, this is a preliminary translation, we will have something more polished as soon as possible.

    Part 5- Symbiosis
    With its partner, Meiko Mochizuki, injured by the Mysterious Man who has taken the form of Gennai, Meicoomon goes on a rampage once again.

    "You should not have been born..."

    Meicoomon, the distortion itself, has disappeared into the Real World. The grossly immense power it possesses being the key to the world’s destruction--

    Hackmon appears before Daigo Nishijima and Professor Mochizuki to reveal the truth to them both.

    Homeostasis, the one who preserves the harmony between the worlds, considers the overwhelmingly powerful Meicoomon’s existence to be a danger and decides it is necessary to destroy it.

    Due to the appearance of the runaway Meicoomon, the countdown to the collapse of the Real World has now begun.

    Once it arrived, disasters began to occur. The awaited time for the Digimon who come through the distortions has come.

    The Chosen Children return to the real world, having to neglect the Digital World in it's abnormal state. Due to being with their partner Digimon they are then chased by other people. Isolated and hopeless, they desperately search for a solution; only one continues to worry, which is Meiko.

    Shouldering a burden too great for either of them, the voices of their friends and Digimon don’t reach the two grief-stricken girls.

    Finally, for Hikari Yagami, one more honest than anyone, and sensitive, a cruel fate draws near for her as well--

    Now, once again, the Adventure evolves--

    Lots of great stuff that will no doubt get people thinking.

    Prior tri. part 5 thread is here.

    Thanks to shin for translations.
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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Mar 2017
    i was anxious to see tailmon mega form which one will be but they didnt show it !!
    also why on earth still no date for part 5 ?!

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    Junior Commander Nemomon's Avatar
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    Sounds interesting. Daigo is in the real world as well, so hopefully he finally will join the team with the new DigiDestined and generally will stop being a pushover, but become an important team member.
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    I come from the net Shadow Shinji's Avatar
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    This looks promising! As we may expect, this new form for Meicoomon is probably a corrupted one, same as Meicrackmon, and Ophanimon FM indeed. It seems that tha things are finally about to blow up, and I cannot be happier. I was wondering who could be that Digimon who come through the distorsions, is it referring to the Kansen Digimon that we know from the other films, or something much bigger? I really think that Meiko and Meicoomon are starting to become the most hatred "Tamer and Partner" characters in the universe of Digimon, in a positive way, please don't misunderstand me.

    Btw, does anyone know what that kanji between Meicoomon and Meicrackmon in the evolution routes could mean?

    Anyways, I'm pretty glad overall. The only thing that bothers me is that we don't have a release date yet.

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    I come from the net Jay Ukyou's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Shinji View Post
    Btw, does anyone know what that kanji between Meicoomon and Meicrackmon in the evolution routes could mean?
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    Red shirt Xros's Avatar
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    I wonder if they're gonna explain why Homeostasis doesn't work as a "united front" with the Chosen Childs anymore.
    This sounds definitively more exiting than the last movie.

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    Completely digital
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    Here is another translation to this summary:

    After witnessing her partner Mochizuki Meiko is hurt by a mysterious man who dresses like Gennai, Meicoomon begins to rampage once again.

    “It would have been great if you weren’t born…”

    Meicoomon disappeared into the Real World, who’s the distorted itself. With her holding such overwhelming power, it’s the key to destroy the world…

    Hackmon appears in front of Nishijima Daigo and Professor Mochizuki, and reveals the truth.

    He says Homeostasis itself is trying to maintain the harmony of the worlds, it considers Meicoomon has become way too strong, a very dangerous existence right now, they are trying to cut it down.

    As the rampaging Meicoomon appeared, the count down to collapse of the Real World has begun.

    Everywhere has incidents occuring one after another. Digimon who appears through the Distortion has been waiting for that time to come…

    The Chosen Children return to the Real World, alienated the abnormal state of the Digital World, but they and their partner Digimon are being chased by people. While they are isolated with no support from people and desperately looking for breakthroughs, Meiko continues to worry alone.

    For a girl who’s overloaded with too much burden, the voices of her comrade and the Digimons can’t reach to her.

    Then harsh fate approaches to Yagami Hikari, who has the lightest and most delicate soul than anyone…

    Right now, the adventure evolves once again

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    Ain't got no mojo... Victor's Avatar
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    Is Alphamon's placement confirmation that he's not as grey as people think? Maybe retroactively thought he was trying to destroy the source of the virus in Reunion, but now it seems like he wanted her to go on an infecting spree.

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    I am Justice Vande's Avatar
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    Part 5 is going to be very interesting indeed. I just hope we don't lose some of the partner Digimon to the infection...

    I'm sort of getting that vibe. Seeing Hikari as someone who maybe in the darkness could be interesting.

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    Junior Commander Tetra Seleno's Avatar
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    I'm surprised that we're coming back to the Real World so soon -- I thought we wouldn't return to it until Part 6, but the plot synopsis certainly makes it sound like some major escalations are coming. We are approaching the climax!
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