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Thread: tri. Part 5 Website Update- Teaser Text, Character Relationship and Evo Charts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vande View Post
    I'm sort of getting that vibe. Seeing Hikari as someone who maybe in the darkness could be interesting.
    I suspect she will be possessed by Homeostasis (in a more permanent way).

    After all, Homeostasis seems to want destroy Meicoomon at all costs.

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    A part of me suspects that Gatomon will digivolve into the Falldown mode of Ophanimon in order to destroy Meicoomon.

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    This is awesome, things escalated pretty high and sounds very dark and depressing.

    But i think it should had been happened earlier at Part 4 at least. One thing i didn't like from Tri is its slow pace and we need to wait until 5th part to get things get heat up for real. Although i understand the need to give audience some nostalgic feels and giving each characters development with realistic problem to each characters.

    Well, let's enjoy the suffer waiting for part 5 with still no release date. (We know it's in 2017, but December 31st is also 2017, so.. @.@)

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    I'm interested in what the dynamic is going to play out with the Chosen Children and Homeostatis. Considering how much these two have worked together, having them reach a point where their relationship breaks down and what causes that break down is a very cool idea that I want to see how they handle it. It also may allow for a bit more expansion on Homeostatis itself, which is something I was looking forward to seeing more of in Tri and I hope they do have it in this episode.

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    Most people are not watching closely for big infos...it was said in Confession that if Digital World is not properly rebooted it will be stucked in Quantum Sea...and then in Loss everybody is missing that Libra is the key to destroy the World, villains are using Meicomon to reveal Libra (whatever exactly Libra is)

    Also wtf is that behind Meicomoms Mega (Meicrackmon or whatever)...it has purple eyes and horns on his head...it kinda looks how I imagine that infected Shakoumons Mega would look like or is it something from Dark Ocean

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    Also wtf is that behind Meicomoms Mega (Meicrackmon or whatever)...it has purple eyes and horns on his head...it kinda looks how I imagine that infected Shakoumons Mega would look like or is it something from Dark Ocean
    Its just meicoomegas feather thing and her shoulder guard.

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    I can't wait for the trailer

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    This has me so frickin pumped. Everytime I think I know what Tri is gonna do they surprise me. Going back to the real world was not something I had even considered for this movie and I'm interested to see the angle of the Chosen Children as fugitives. I mean I still have high hopes for some more obscure things like the Dark Ocean and deeper Adventure lore to make an appearance, but regardless I really appreciate that Tri is constantly surprising me and willing to explore itself.

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    Finally, for Hikari Yagami, one more honest than anyone, and sensitive, a cruel fate draws near for her as well--
    This movie is going to make me cry like a baby like part 3 did. lol.

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    Alas, all for naught for Maki. For all her manipulation of the Chosen Children and collaboration with Yggdrasil just for the sake of her desperate desire to reunite with her Bakumon--- Not only despair, grief and disappointment did she reaped in her quest but also unknowingly gave a hand in thrusting her own world into oblivion as well.
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