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Thread: Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode English Stream by Operation Decoded!

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    Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode English Stream by Operation Decoded!

    So, apparently the group of programmers known as Op. Decoded leaded by Romsstar, are performing the first English Let's play! of Digimon World Re: Digitize Decode ever in about an hour, via its Twitch account. This game was released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2013, but never got its way to the West. In a recent interview, Kazumasa Habu stated that they couldn't bring us Decode due to a bad timing, unfortunately enough...Anyways, I cannot be more excited about this, since I've been wanting to play this game for ages, so let's show them our support guys!!

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    D'oh, I should have checked here earlier!

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    The VoD should still be available on Twitch, although we unfortunately encountered a few bugs.
    Btw. we actually found out that the crash at the end was actually caused by the emulator and is not related to the earlier problems.

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    When did that project start? Like, in 2014?

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    Considering that they aren't getting paid to work on it, you should be happy it's being translated at all.
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    @Sol yes they've been working since 2012 but they released a patch for the PSP version of the game in 2015 already and are working on Lost evolution and Decode simultaneously.
    Also Decode translation takes so long because the 3DS emulator is so unfinished atm & Decode has abut 2~3 times more content than the PSP version and a lot of text changed in the 3DS version (meaning you can't just copy paste the PSP progress blindly).
    Please be patient. Translating videogames is no easy feat.

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    I do hope they will translate the Appmon game in the future coz it seems it's not going to be brought by western Bamco

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    I heard the stream went all wrong
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    They encountered issues, but like Syd said, there was an issue with the emulator. I believe they're doing another stream soon...
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