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Thread: AppliMonsters Episode 29: Buddies No Longer!? Gatchmon Runs Away

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    AppliMonsters Episode 29: Buddies No Longer!? Gatchmon Runs Away

    Digimon Universe AppliMonsters Episode 29: Buddies No Longer!? Gatchmon Runs Away

    Episode thread for Episode 29 of Digimon Universe Applimonsters

    Air Time:
    Saturday 22nd April - 9.30am (Japan)
    Saturday 22nd April - 1.00am (UK)
    Friday 21st April - 8.30pm (EST)
    Friday 21st April - 5.30pm (PST)

    If you are not sure of your time then please use:

    No spoilers past this episode and no posting before episode airs. You can discuss any 'next episode' previews if they are shown at the end of the episode.

    To join the chatroom to discuss the episode as it airs and after it airs with others either click the chat link at the top of WtW or use your irc program to join.

    Server- irc.rizon.net
    Room- #wtw

    Update- Episode 29 is streaming freely at TV Tokyo's website for the time being at the time of this edit (9:46pm Pacific, 4/21/2017.)

    Raw Japanese with no subtitles, as expected.


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    Highlight of the episode: Eri finally, actually punched something!

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    Had we ever had an episode in Digimon where there's not an actual fight, like in this one? Maybe Appmon is breaking some records...

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    She punched some Viramon way back in episode 18. It's not the first time.

    So... there's no actual fight in this episode. It's entirely a characterization episode. The character stuff was fine, if a bit cliche. But I'm getting kinda worried that Appmon thinks that now is a good time to just halt the plot in its tracks. Unless Watson uploading that blurry picture of Gatchmon on the internet has some long-reaching effects, then this episode was kinda pointless.

    I wonder if we'll actually see Hunter J again? He seemed like kind of a pointless addition to this episode.

    Next week looks pretty pointless as well... What the hell, Appmon? I believed in you. You rushed through the Ultimate-grade intros and pulled the kids out of the Deep Web.... just to talk about Appmon running away from home and falling in love?
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    ​Comenting while looking at the episode yay!!

    • Is Gatchmon distrustful of the Appdriver DUO or something?
    • Offmon is sure cute when eating Haru's hand this gave me an idea... ok no
    • I ship HaruxOffmon okno
    • Offmon became a Marty Stu?! (At least for the appmon?) plus dokachan is cute
    • Offmon is still shy after that love the Applidrivers give him?
    • The more Offmon suffers, the cuter he gets
    • lol Gatchmon got scared by a dog, btw he looks like a cat
    • Oh crap, they got busted. What did they expect?
    • Gatchmon you DENSE MUTHAFUGGA
    • Why does Eri wear glasses, does he have a Superman ability or what... Wait, EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE NOW
    • The appmon look creepy with the Kid on a dark road
    • Is this man a conspirancy theorist of something?
    • I'm suprised that it's F-MART and not L-MART
    • Wait, Are the Appmon wanted or something?
    • Dog is more powerful than Gatchmon confirmed
    • Dokamon got Dokkan Punched
    • At last Haru and Gatchmon hold hands like they do on the Openings
    • A have a bad feeling about next week's episode.

    Not going to do this again ;_;
    I liked the fact that we got to see how the Appmon interact between them, like the Digimon in tri.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Shinji View Post
    Had we ever had an episode in Digimon where there's not an actual fight, like in this one? Maybe Appmon is breaking some records...
    It's actually more common than you think, although it of course depends on how exactly you define an actual fight... but most seasons have episodes like that.

    ...actually pretty consistent with fights, but you could argue that the episode with the least amount of combat was 12, since the fight between Elecmon and Patamon was stopped very quickly and turned into a harmless contest.

    Zero Two
    Episode 17 (The Wizarmon ghost episode)
    Episode 23 (Ken's Flashback)

    7 (The main conflict being Guilmon getting sucked up by that data anomaly)
    9 (The episode about Growmon not devolving. At one point Impmon chuks a fireball at Growmon to annoy him but I wouldn't call that a fight.)
    24 (The episode deals with the preparation for leaving the human world)
    26[?] (No actual fight... although technically you have Jijimon and Babamon swinging broomsticks at each other and Hirokazu and Kenta pretending to have special attacks but there's no serious fight between Digimon)
    41 (mostly deals with navigating the arc back home)
    42[?] (This is a weird one... there's a "fight" but it doesn't involve any digimon, we see some d-reaper agents attacking the military but the protagonists' partners don't get to fight them until the next episode)

    8 (The episode about the Digimon pre-school. No fights, just a thunderstorm)
    22[?] (Takuyamon's time travelling back home. He never really fights the apparition of Duskmon and when he gets his confidence back it simply vanishes with a single punch... but very strictly speaking the fact that a punch was thrown could be defined as a fight)
    31 (The Trailmon graveyard episode. Near the end the children prepare to attack a trailmon but no attacks actually get launched)
    39 (The episode on the moon. There are actually quite a lot of attacks going off in this episode, when the children try to use firepower to push the moon from its orbit and later when Vritramon's flame storm powers the rocket but in neither of those cases are they actually fighting with any enemy... except if you classify the episode's plot as a "fight" against the forces of gravity)

    There doesn't seem to be any Savers or Xros Wars episode without a fight but I'm too lazy to check all the Young Hunters filler episodes...

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    Let me see:

    • Episode 39 (?)

    Xros Wars:
    • None
    • None (Young Hunters)

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    So is gatchmon suppose to look like an anthropomorphic puppy? It didn't really occur to me until now but in the first episode they made a joke where gatchmon went, "I'm not a dog or cat! I'm gatchmon!" And in this episode, the little boy, Souta, thought he was a dog when he first saw him. I guess it makes sense with Gatchmon looking similar to Offmon who is, for the most part made out to be a canine.

    It was nice seeing an episode focused solely around the digimon for a change. Even if I could do without the filler

    Tears legit welled up in my eyes when gatchmon snatched the ice cream out of offmon's hand making him cry. Horrible horrible gatchmon...

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    Episode is up so added the link to the first post.
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    Oh man, another useless characters of the week again (wtf was J), it's getting like pokemon anime huh? But then it was a good moment mostly, some light family education to the series as well as we actually saw how those appmon were doing when they were alone without their buddy. I can feel Gatchmon, Offmon is such annoying one while others are saying it's cutie. It's also its fault that the plot is halted now bcos too much focus on it, but yeah I guess this is another episodic character moment again. Can't wait to see how another episodes are also wasting time instead of bunch of plot explanation...

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