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Thread: Gatchen Coverart and Store Exclusives!

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    Gatchen Coverart and Store Exclusives!

    We finally have more updates on the CD release of Appmon's second OP, Gatchen!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Sung by SymaG, the new Appmon opening will have a few differences based on where you buy it. The artwork above is for the Limited Edition, which features Gatchmon with SymaG himself (and doesn't Gatchmon seem surprised...)

    If you buy both the Normal and limited editions, you can use serial number codes that come with them to enter a raffle for a ticket to SymaG's 'Day Bus Tour to the Underworld II' event.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The limited edition includes a wristband that apparently will allow you participate in a meet and greet at his one-man live show on June 16th.

    Both versions of Gatchen! have the same four tracks. Currently there is not a track list (minus knowing that Gatchen itself will appear on it.)

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The normal version coverart will feature Gatchmon and Haru.

    Gatchen will have quite a few exclusive bonus items based on where you purchase it from.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    HMV and Loppi- An extra CD with unreleased SymaG music, including a full track called "Life Reset Button."
    Animate- An Acrylic strap featuring the 'anime style' SymaG from the front cover.
    Amazon- Clear files (it appears you get the one from the version you ordered.)
    Tower Records-B2 size SymaG poster (roughly 20 x 28 inches.)
    Tsutaya- A can badge featuring the 'anime style' SymaG.
    Other shops (CDJapan included)- A SymaG photo postcard.

    Releasing on June 14th, the CD is already available for pre-order (with affiliate links for CDJapan) in both Standard and Limited editions for 1,200 yen and 1,700 yen respectively.

    Pre-Order Links:
    Gatchen Normal Edition
    Gatchen Limited Edition

    I plan on ordering at least one copy for the site to archive (hopefully one of each normal and LE) so donations would be appreciated (trying to figure out if I should order from specific places to try and archive the bonus items... too many to nab them all, but may try and go for one or two.)

    Previous thread for Gatchen, with details on the upcoming release of ED3 also, is here.

    Update- Changed Gacchen to Gatchen.
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    I come from the net Jay Ukyou's Avatar
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    So this SymaG artist is a super-old man? His voice doesn't make him sound like an aging hippie. Good for him.
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    I'm going digital clanc's Avatar
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    Wait, is he really an old man?!

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    Junior Commander Nemomon's Avatar
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    From what I found, he's just a guy that likes to pose as an old man. His age is currently unknown, but I doubt he's 82 yo. Especially that he started his career just a few years ago. If he were this "anciently old", he would be playing for ages already.
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    I'm going digital AmEv7Fam's Avatar
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    Possibly born '82 at this point?

    Sounds about right, given his voice.

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    I come from the net
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    Sep 2006
    This is insane. But I do like the song. It's different then Dive but a different good.

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    Tracklist and additional details, including an Appmon insert song, can be found here.
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