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Thread: Who was/were your first partner(s) in Next Order, Re:Digitize, or World 1?

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    Who was/were your first partner(s) in Next Order, Re:Digitize, or World 1?

    For those who have played Next Order, Re-Digitize, or Digimon World 1, who were the first partners you raised? (Or your second partner in Re-Digitize & Digimon World 1, if you don't count the Agumon you get at first.)

    The first guy I raised in Re-Digitize after the starter Agumon was a BlueMeramon. Liked him well enough, but I was disappointed that he couldn't evolve into anything. In Digimon World 1, I raised an Andromon from my first Agumon. I was a kid at the time, and was really pleased that I managed to get a Perfect/Ultimate level on my first go. :P

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    Bakemon. Every time.
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    World 1 is the only one of those three that I've played.

    Started with Agumon and got Numemon almost straightaway. Wondered what I did wrong. Started over, and then got Agumon > Meramon > Andromon.

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    In DW1 I started with Agumon and got Monochromon, didn't get very far into the game.

    In Re: Digitize, my first Agumon became an Angemon and then died more or less intantly, then I think I somehow got Tailmon from Gabumon (or somehing) who evolved into Lilamon.

    Edit: I remembered I had a Lilamon first.
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    Somehow, Nanimon. I was then never able to get another one in like 50 playthroughs

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    I played Decode. After Agumon, I chose Gabumon since... you know, Omnimon.

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