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Thread: 2nd Wave of 20th Anniversary V-Pet's Announced!

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    2nd Wave of 20th Anniversary V-Pet's Announced!

    Did you miss out on the 20th Anniversary V-Pet?

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Well don't worry, you will get another chance.

    In the new V-Jump, they've shown off 3 more colors.

    They will go up to order on the Premium Bandai store in June, and V-Jump will have more details next month.

    I know quite a few people who missed out on the 2 order waves for the originally announced colors due to timing, money, etc. You have a minimum of two months to save up a bit here to nab these if you want.

    No news on if each will have an exclusive Digimon or not.

    Also, these don't appear, design-wise, to be based on any specific V-Pets like the original two were. It's possible they are more generically taking inspiration from various V-Pets (the white and blue one for example looks pretty similar color wise to one of the Pendulum Progress V-Pets.)

    When pre-orders open the price will be the same as the first two at 3,500 yen each.

    They also show off CresGarurumon, BlitzGreymon, and Omegamon Alter-S, whom we recently got various details for.

    Details for the 20th Anniversary V-Pet can be found here.

    Thanks to Gematsu for the image and the original Weibo user who took it.
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    Wow! That's cool. I hope they don't have too many exclusives, if any. I don't know if I could shell out any more. ^^'

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    I come from the net flintlock's Avatar
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    Wat. I don't want my boring brown one now. I wish they announced these first, lol. It looks like Zubamon , Alphamon and Omegamon inspired these colors. I'm happy more people will be able to buy some though.

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    Ain't got no mojo... AKluthe's Avatar
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    I hope I'm not gonna miss out on any exclusives with these. I already went all-in and ordered an original brown and an original grey!

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    Junior Commander xSHiNOx's Avatar
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    i'll stick with the original brown one but damn, gold and black, black and gold, AND armageddon pendulum color versions. wow

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    Completely digital SuperStarlite's Avatar
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    Now I'm just sitting here wondering what a new variant of HeraklesKabuterimon, Rosemon, Hououmon, and Vikemon would be.

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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Jan 2017
    I dont regret choosing the reddish brown color because that one was same color I first time saw Digimon V-pet and its owned by my cousin. Can said it is the one that make me hooked with Digimon craze. I would buy for glow-in-the-dark version if they make it. My V-pet version 5 GITD glow brighter in dark than my another Pendulum 3.5 GITD.

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    I come from the net Shadow Shinji's Avatar
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    So cool Armageddon Army's colours!!! If this means we are getting its roster into the V-Pet too, I'll pre-order mine ipso facto!

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    I'm a Maniac Actar's Avatar
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    Now I'm tempted!

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    Ain't got no mojo... Kakujo's Avatar
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    Oh, man! I wish I would have known about these before I ordered the grey/brown ones for $80 each. Hope I won't be missing out too much by not getting these new ones.

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