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Thread: New Details & Characters Announced for Hacker's Memory, Update- Full Erika Profile

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    New Details & Characters Announced for Hacker's Memory, Update- Full Erika Profile

    More Hacker's Memory details from the new V-Jump!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The first new details involve Keisuke and the setup you'll have playing as him.

    Keisuke joins the hacker group 'Hudie' to find the hacker who tricked/framed him.

    Missions will include various requests given to the group.

    Your (and Hudie's) base of operations is an internet cafe. You use a PC at the cafe to jump to cyberspace, along with getting your missions.

    The magazine also introduces two new characters... well, one of them is new anyways...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    First up is Erika.
    Erika Mishima is a member of Hudíe, and an extremely shy shut-in. She lives with her older brother. An incident that happened in the past resulted in her awakening as a genius. Erika’s partner Digimon Wormmon, who joined her after she saved him from a sticky situation, is the mascot of Hudíe. He’s a cowardly, clumsy, troublemaker full of curiosity. There will be times when Erika and Wormmon battle in the same party as the protagonist.

    Then we have Fei, returning from Cyber Sleuth.
    Fei is a member of Zaxon, and a violent girl who will go through any means necessary to achieve her goal. She uses the protagonist in order to take down opposing organizations. Her partner Digimon is TigerVespamon. Fei also appeared in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, whose story runs parallel to this game’s.

    Hacker's Memory releases this year in Japan, and early next year in the rest of the world.

    The game is already available to pre-order at Amazon on Playstation 4

    The Vita version will be digital only.

    Thanks to Gemetsu for the heads up and info, and a weibo user for the original images.

    Our prior Hacker's Memory thread is here.

    Update- A full profile for Erika. Thanks to garm for translating!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Erika Mishima: A genius hacker girl born out of an unfortunate accident!

    A girl who is a member of the hacker team 'Hudie'. She lost both parents in a traffic accident a few years back, and now lives together with only her brother.

    She is extremely shy, and is often cooped up in the VIP room of Hudie Net Cafe, which also gets referred to as 'Erika's Room'. Hudie Net Cafe serves as the team's base of operations.

    Due to a head injury she suffered during the traffic accident, her brain was linked to a special server within EDEN's network, causing her brain's capabilities to be split and the strain they put on her to be suppressed.

    She also gained prodigious hacking skills, due to her brain being constantly linked to EDEN's server.
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    Junior Commander Tortoiseshel's Avatar
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    I see Gryphomon in one of the screencaps! Edit: Also Savior Hackmon maybe? At first I thought it was Jesmon but it doesn't look "fancy" enough.
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    Junior Commander Rohan's Avatar
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    Cool, I felt that Fei's story abruptly ended in Cyber Sleuth so I hope that HM continues her development.

    Erika seems cool and Wormon is always awesome. I wonder if he'll become Banchostingmon by the end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rohan View Post
    Cool, I felt that Fei's story abruptly ended in Cyber Sleuth so I hope that HM continues her development.

    Erika seems cool and Wormon is always awesome. I wonder if he'll become Banchostingmon by the end.
    Agreed on Fei, I liked where her character was going but she was irrelevant by the end. This'll hopefully complete her arc.

    And about that, well, "Hudie" or whatever sounds an awful lot like "hoodie," which makes sense considering the jacket she's wearing. And you know, a jacket wearing gang... Now I'm wondering if the other members will have Digimon that have "Bancho" Ultimates.

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    Anyone have any idea what Hudie/Fudie is supposed to mean? I doubt it has anything to actually do with hoodies, since it's a three-syllable word that might not even be meant to have an H sound.
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    I'm a Maniac
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    I think they are going more for a bug theme rather than a bancho theme.

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    Junior Commander Deep Saver's Avatar
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    File Island
    I wonder if Hudie supposed to be a reference to a Heads-Up Display (HUD)? It seems appropriately technological enough.

    I'm excited to see Fei is going to have some kind of role, since she didn't do much in the original CS, and I am very excited for Erika and Wormmon. Wormmon has always been a favorite of mine, but it's actually quite uncommon to see people partnered with one compared to a lot of other iconic child digimon.

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    I come from the net Jay Ukyou's Avatar
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    Wormmon->Stingmon->BanchoStingmon wouldn't surprise me at this point.

    No clue on Hudie either...

    I can't recall for certain, but wasn't there a character in Cyber Sleuth who had the family name 'Mishima' already? Could be a relative?
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    I'm going digital
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    hudie (hu die) is chinese of "butterfly"

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    I come from the net Bartz's Avatar
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    Considering the profile, I definitely could see Wormmon evolving into BanchoStingmon. His character and being a part of a group of hackers does lend well to growing into that type of character and it would fit with Erika.

    As for Fei, I'm also really excited to see her again. I liked what we saw of her in CS, but after the Royal Knights take center stage she pretty much disappears from the plot and we don't really get to know what happens afterwards with her, especially in terms of her friendship with Yuuko. Hopefully her role here will allow us to see what she was up to during that time, what she was doing in Zaxon at the time, as well as maybe give us some answers to what happened to her after the reboot.

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