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Thread: AppliMonsters Episode 28: Applidrive DUO! Offmon Appears

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    AppliMonsters Episode 28: Applidrive DUO! Offmon Appears

    Digimon Universe AppliMonsters Episode 28: Applidrive DUO! Offmon Appears

    Episode thread for Episode 28 of Digimon Universe Applimonsters

    Air Time:
    Saturday 15th April - 9.30am (Japan)
    Saturday 15th April - 1.00am (UK)
    Friday 14th April - 8.30pm (EST)
    Friday 14th April - 5.30pm (PST)

    If you are not sure of your time then please use:

    No spoilers past this episode and no posting before episode airs. You can discuss any 'next episode' previews if they are shown at the end of the episode.

    To join the chatroom to discuss the episode as it airs and after it airs with others either click the chat link at the top of WtW or use your irc program to join.

    Server- irc.rizon.net
    Room- #wtw

    Update- Episode 28 is streaming freely at TV Tokyo's website for the time being at the time of this edit (11:52pm Pacific, 4/14/2017.)

    It appears the oddity last week was not a new more limited streaming setup, but perhaps just some sort of mistake?

    Raw Japanese with no subtitles, as expected.


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    Yuujin's mom is now super-creepy.

    New theory: Yuujin is actually an android (or has a chip in his head?), and he doesn't even know it.
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    Haruujin is real. That's all I have to say for this episode.

    Actually I have a lot to say about this episode. So much that I'll list them with bullet points
    -Offmon does not take compliments well at all. Poor guy I just wanted to giver him the biggest hug ever. All those mean scary humans : (
    -Afro-san san was hilarious as usual in this episode. I feel for what the guy goes through on a regular basis
    -This episode had quite a few dbz references all of which were great
    -One new feature of the appli drive duo is that the digimon summoned by it ger a small boost of energy. This explains why Offmon is so powerful for a rookie. We get a funny little scene of Gatchmon, Dokamon, and Musimon pleading for Yuujin to appliarise them so that they could get a power boost too which Yuujin so happily allows.
    -Yuujin and Haru have quite a few nice (kinda homosexual) moments with just the two of them. Haru even blushing a bit when Yuujin says he's always at his happiest when he's with Haru.
    -Forgive me if I read it wrong, but I believe Yuujin's applidrive question when he first got it was, "Is there somebody you want to protect with your life?" And his answer was yes, Haru. Speaking of which, Yuujin got his applidrive on a plate when ordering in a sushi restraunt. And it was at the exact same time that Haru got his in episode 1.
    -Yuujin's mom(?) is creepy. She's definitely not quite right in the head and very suspicious. Also when Yuujin went home at the end of this episode he seemed to have walked through a scanner of some sort. Seems he really is (to some extent) being controlled by something.
    -Rei is spying on Yuujin and knows something is up with him. I wonder where this will lead.

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    Raw is already up on the website^^

    Seems like Yuujin just got his AppliDrive after Haru left to help Eri with her Twitter problem, yay I was right xD

    Also this episode was funny and Offmon's still that kawaii >.<
    Musclemon really made me laugh xD

    But at all I can say more to this episode after I watched it with subs. Still can't read kanji and still don't understand anything...

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    ^The Applidrive Duo's power is being able to infuse the Appliarised Appmon with some of Applidriver's power. That's why when Astra made the comment 'so the reason why Offmon was so powerful then was not solely due to his own power' Offmon got sad and ran away.
    Yuujin's question is 'Do you have a friend you would protect, even in exchange for your life?'. I think the way it's worded really emphasises the 'in exchange for your life' part (i can't see it as anything but a death flag honestly. lol)

    The end scene gives me the vibe that Yuujin is some sort of robot/AI thing. There's the part where he just stops and his eyes flash red and he doesn't seem to be conscious when that happens, and how his mother comments 'I can see whatever you're thinking'..hmm

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    Okay, commenting while watching:

    I love this scene where they're all comparing how their got their Applidrives and Astra's bragging about how cool it was that he got his by drone. And then Yuujin's like, "my literally came served up on a sushi platter". Poor Astra looked inconsolable after that. I personally couldn't stop laughing at the idea that the sushi platter even came with a nameplate to tell Yuujin what the device was called. The plate even specified that it was an "Applidrive DUO (no wasabi)".

    The crew is talking about how amazing it was that Offmon could hold his own against an Ultimate Grade like Satellamon, and Offmon explains that the reason he's so powerful is because he was Realized by the DUO. Apparently any Appmon that gets Realized by the DUO has their stat numbers increased because the Applidriver is sharing their own energy/data/DNA/something with them (thus why Yuujin had to shove his thumb in the fingerprint reader?).

    Ai actually did something this episode! Holy crap she's kinda scary when it comes to protecting her library. Perhaps this is hinting at something sinister in her future? (C'mon, I really want her to be Minerva~)
    And I love how she suddenly has an excuse to not go with the others because she has to fix the library doors (by herself?!). Seems more likely that she's using the opportunity to better hide whatever was already hidden in that lower level while the others are distracted.

    ...why is there a mailbox outside the broken door that lead to the river?

    Okay, now they're continuing to show Yuujin's flashback. I kind of like how it's spread out over the episode.
    Offmon on a platter. I cracked up again.

    Musclemon. Odd choice for an Appmon-of-the-week, but at least it's a kind of app that a lot of new viewers will be familiar with. Similiar to Twittermon from the last episode. That's the only kind of logic I can think of to explain why the writers are choosing certain standard-grade Appmon at this point. His gimmick is at least easy to understand.

    Afro guy continues to be awesome. Also... I can't be the only one that noticed the gratuitous ass-and-balls shot after he collapsed. What was that about?

    Offmon's ability to just straight up stop all appmon antics is pretty over-powered even without the DUO....

    Oh, so Yuujin can just Realize ALL of the buddy Appmon with his DUO? Sure, why not? I mean, it's already overkill for Musclemon, but at least now we know that the DUO is literally just a strait 1.5x powerup.

    Poor Musclemon, he keeps training and screaming and dragonball z-ing and hotbloodnessing, but his power only goes up by one measly point. He's like the anti-Masaru. He does fit the althetic Yuujin pretty well, though!

    Holy crap, Yuujin's question. Haru/Yuujin have a pretty obsessive friendship/romance/bromance going on, no matter what side of the 'shipping' fandom you're on.

    Oh look, Yuujin's mom is evil or something. Well this just adds a whole new layer to the "I can't figure out where Appmon is going" puzzle.

    Why are Rei and Hackmon back in the real world?!?!? Goddammit Appli Monsters, stop ruining episode 25 by making sure everything that happened in it had absolutely no effect on the status quo of the series!!!
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    Added the stream link to the first post.
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    Didn't see the episode yet, but looks like it was a pretty awesome one. And from what I have read so far, it looks like almost everybody in this series (maybe except Eri and possibly Astra) have multiple (dark?) secrets.
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    Given that Eri was shown to live alone I think she also has something to hide.

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    She doesn't live alone completely. Her mom just works a lot.
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