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Thread: tri. Part 4 is Out on Blu-ray! Breakdown, Scans, Screencaps, Sales, and Discussions!

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    tri. Part 4 is Out on Blu-ray! Breakdown, Scans, Screencaps, Sales, and Discussions!

    The Blu-ray for Digimon Adventure tri. part 4 is out!

    Where things would be identical, bits of text will be taken from the articles for parts 1, 2, and 3.

    Lots of scanning and editing on this one.

    As normal, I won't be reviewing the show itself, just going over the actual Blu-ray release.

    Any screencaps from the Blu-ray are lossless PNGs.

    All images in the article are smaller copies from our gallery (to keep loading sizes smaller for everyone), but link to the full sized versions when clicked.

    Scanning was done as high quality as I could do, and compressed and shrunk to reasonable sizes, along with reasonable quality JPG compression. I've explained my workflow in my personal thread and will answer any questions involving it or the processes used. Scanning went well. Editing was odd due to some of the color balance on some of the images, so I did less editing than normal on some of them.

    First up will be all the physical stuff. Everything included with the Blu-ray was scanned minus one thing.

    We start with.... an obi card!

    This is an interesting obi card as it completely covers 3 sides, and partially covers a 4th. The part of the obi that covers the front covers the bottom right corner of the front. The obi for parts 1 and 2 also covered the bottom right of the front, while part 3 moved to the left. The back of the case itself has no information on the product, so it's left to the obi card to contain all of this relevant information. It also means with the obi removed, the product is completely clean of most legal and technical information. If you look at the bottom of the obi, you can also notice they've added the Digimon 20th logo.

    The packaging for the Blu-ray itself is a cardboard digipak. The digipak is slightly thicker than is normally used but is identical to those for tri. 1, 2, and 3. The disk tray is plastic and raised far more than you'd normally see for a digipak. There is no obvious reason for this to be done this way. The cardboard is actually slightly wider than the plastic tray (likely to take into account the booklets and ads included.)

    The front and back cover for the Blu-ray are very nice and clean.

    The front cover (at the top of the article) is an interesting image of Sora, Taichi, Yamato and the Digimon. The Digimon are almost playing around while it appears the kids are off to school, and Sora appears to nearly be staring at the audience.

    The back cover is clean and with the tri. style digital motif (for lack of a better term) imagery in a subtle gray. This time I didn't scan the spine. The spine is simply basic black text of the title, but for the tri. text itself they kept it as it appears in the logo (it's effectively identical to the spine from other parts of tri., just with the changes to part 4 (it's basically just the vertical logo from the obi card in fact.)

    The Blu-ray comes with a slipcover (in an o-card shape) that is made out of clear plastic with the tri. style digital motif imagery on it to add to the cover. The logo is also on the slipcover.

    The front with the slipcover added adds an effect that appears similar to what we see in the OP for tri.

    The back is interesting because it already has a similar design style in a different color, so it feels multi-layered.

    One of the things I didn't scan was the inside of the digipak. Because of the height of the plastic tray, the scan wouldn't have come out well. The same as with prior parts, there is no art on the inside of the digipak. It uses the same motif we see through the packaging, but this time it's different layers of red and white.

    The physical Blu-ray itself continues using this theme.

    Same motif, just with a focus on the red color used for tri. part 4.

    The Blu-ray came with a single physical extra.

    I'm including Amazon's sample image here simply to show what it is. The poster is quite large, and I will try and scan it once I'm sure exactly how best to go about doing it (I may attempt to scan it in pieces and stitch it together, or go to an office store and see if they have a large scale scanner I can use.) Another option would be to hang it and take a picture to show it at scale (this is recurring with these massive posters... I'm leaning towards everything being done and doing large scale scans on a rented large printer all at once.)

    Two booklets were also included. The smaller booklet is less a real booklet and more a fold-able pamphlet like thing made out of some nice paper stock.

    The front uses the poster art from tri. 4 that we first saw right after tri. 3 came out, while the back lists credit information using the tri. digital motif.

    The inside of this contains 2 pages with character information on Sora, Piyomon, Daigo, and Maki.

    4 pages of storyboards are also included. I left them in 2 page formation as I scanned them. They storyboards are for 2 scenes and each scene goes over all 4 pages.

    Scene No. 6-14: As Sora and Meiko are sitting around the campfire, Meicoomon appears out of nowhere and launches a sudden attack
    Scene No. 164-171: While underwater, Taichi and Agumon, as well as Yamato and Gabumon's thoughts gather and their Digivices start to glow

    I love production materials, so it's great to see more storyboards, and again we get one of the key scenes, just like last time. Still holding out hope for a storyboard book.

    The larger booklet is a nice quality booklet with a ton of great art on the inside. I've kept the scans in double page formation for the interior, as I scanned it, as the dual page spreads are generally related.

    The front again uses the poster art from tri. 4. The back continues the digital motif.

    The first interior pages again uses a familiar image to Digimon fans who have followed tri.

    It's the promotional image of the Digimon on the train car (Toei seems to really love this image.) Along with that we get a story overview.

    The next 2 page spread is Sora and Piyomon!

    The design work is excellent for Sora and Piyomon (and all of Piyomon's evolutions), but I feel like the standout is the angry walking Piyomon, along with some of the design work on Sora.

    Some translated details...

    Sora Takenouchi: A 2nd year in Tsukishima Sogo High School, a classmate as well as a childhood friend of Taichi's. Although she has a refreshing and lively personality, she has a strong sense of responsibility and often looks out for others with her kindness and sensitivity to others' feelings. She gives off a 'big sister' vibe as she gathers the team, especially in situations such as trying to reconcile Taichi and Yamato when they butt heads.
    Under her profile info- "Casual Clothes"

    Piyomon: Child, Vaccine, Chick type
    Sora's Partner Digimon. A chick-type Digimon possessing arm-like wings. It's Special Move, Magical Fire, involves it attacking with illusory flames.
    It also gives a list of Piyomon's evolutions.

    With no second focus character for tri. Part 4, the next spread is some of the new character designs for tri. Part 4.

    Ayyyy... we finally get Seraphimon! Along with Sora's bag and umbrella. On the right page we get the different designs for Daigo and Maki at different ages through tri. Part 4.

    The text for Daigo and Maki identifies the different designs as elementary school students and university students.

    Next up is a nice spread of the Dark Masters!

    Mugendramon and MetalSeadramon have the most images, which makes sense as they are the only ones to appear outside of flashback.

    Dark Masters: In the TV Series Digimon Adventure, which depicts the Chosen Children's first adventure, the children return to the Digital World after defeating VenomVamdemon in the Real World, only to be faced with the Dark Masters, a powerful enemy group consisting of Ultimate levels. They've reconstructed the Digital World using the powers of darkness, resulting the Digimon residents to have to live in fear. Their sheer power was such that even the Real World was affected by it.

    Digital World locations!

    These 4 pages show us details on the various places we see of the digital world in tri. part 4.

    Digital World: The Chosen Children finally arrive in the Digital World at the end of part 3 'Confession'. In part 4 'Loss', the children end up hving to explore various parts of the Digital World. [Point: Some episodes from the original Digimon Adventure will be introduced below as well.]

    Dragon's Eye Lake: As dusk creeps upon the lake, within the tram that sits on the floating island, Meicoomon undergoes a transformation... [Point: In Adventure ep 3 'The Blue Wolf! Garurumon', Gabumon fought Seadramon here and evolved into Garurumon for the first time. Not only that, in ep 54 (A New World), this same stage was used for the farewell between the cildren and their partner Digimon.]

    Infinity Mountain: Jou regains consciousness, together with Patamon and Palmon, on the peak of Infinity Mountain. [Point: In Adventure, File Island is where the children begin their adventure, and Infinity Mountain is located in its center. In ep 7 'Roar! Ikkakumon', Gomamon evolves to Adult level here for the first time.]

    TonosamaGekomon's Castle: After Mugendramon's attack, Mimi and Tentomon awake to find themselves in front of TonosamaGekomon's castle. [Point: In Adventure ep 25 'The Sleeping Tyrant! TonosamaGekomon', Taichi and Jou make their way to TonosamaGekomon's castle to find Mimi living selfishly, being treated as a princess by the Gekomon].

    Village of Beginnings: After Mugendramon's attack, Takeru awoke to find himself in the Village of Beginnings, with Elecmon standing next to him. [Point: The Village of Beginnings, a place where Digimon are born from Digieggs. In Adventure ep 12 'Adventure! Patamon and I', Takeru visits the Village of Beginnings for the first time, helping to take care of the newborn Digimon together with their caretaker, Elecmon.]

    Gear Savannah: After Mugendramon's attack, Yamato, Koushiro, Agumon, and Gomamon awake to find themselves here. Gear-like shapes are carved into the land. [Point: A similar setting appears in Adventure ep 4 'Scorching! Birdramon'. The Pyocomon village, located at the foot of Mount Panorama, is surrounded by a savannah with telephone poles. It is unknown whether the Pyocomon village is anywhere near where Yamato and the others landed in part 4.]

    Luxury Liner: Thanks to Plotmon's help, the Chosen Children were able to escape from Mugendramon and the Mysterious Man's attacks, and proceeded to hide within the Luxury Liner. [Point: In Adventure ep 17, 'The Illusory Ship's Captain, Cockatrimon!', the Luxury Liner makes its sudden appearance before the Chosen Children as they wandered throug the desert. However, that was a trap planted by Cockatrimon. It is unknown whether this Luxury Liner that appears in part 4 is the same ship that was in Adventure.]

    To finish with, the bigger booklet ends with some more storyboards.

    We get two key moments from tri. Part 4: A bit of the flashback, along with the Kaiser unmasking.

    Scene no. 25-28- Homeostasis borrows Himekawa's voice to deliver its message.
    Scene no. 45-48- The Mysterious Man changes his appearance while pinning Sora down.

    And that's largely it for tri. part 3's package. Except the ads, which I'm including here...

    Only two ads this time and both were on the same sheet. Some various crane game plushies we've seen for quite awhile.

    While not an ad we also have this bonus item...

    The sheet to enter the early lotto for DigiFes 2017. I've removed the unique entry number from the scan.

    The outside of the plastic wrap for the Blu-ray also had a sticker for DigiFes that mentions the lotto

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    And that's it for the physical... onto the disk contents itself!

    The video is encoded using AVC at an average bitrate of roughly 29 Mbps. Good bitrate for animated content in general tri. part 4 is encoded at 1080p and 24 frames per second. Notably this is the biggest bitrate for tri. yet. tri. parts 1 and 2, were both roughly 26 Mbps and tri. part 3 was roughly 21 Mbps.

    The audio is a 5.1 PCM track. Good uncompressed 16-bit audio. The audio is generally smooth and crisp and is effectively the same as parts 1 and 2.

    No subtitles are included, which is expected.

    The video quality itself is roughly what we expected. Everything is digital animation, so it looks great. You occasionally get a background or some other detail that isn't aliased that well, but that's par for the course for animated content (although has happened less and less as tri. has gone on.) One thing to note is dark scenes look quite good. On occasion you will see some very mild banding but it doesn't seem to be much of a problem here (again, something that has seemed to go down as tri. has gone on.

    By and large tri. on Blu-ray looks great. There are slightly off frames if you pick and choose, and the occasional stilted bit of animation, which is normal in animation when you pick and choose what to show, but the encode on the Blu-ray itself is relatively pristine.

    The menus again impress me (which is expected since it's basically the same menu as before.)

    The menu animates in over the coverart with the tri. motif and then becomes a static menu.

    The chapter menu shows the first 5 chapters larger, and when you go over to 6, the size switches to have the next 5 longer. Parts 1 and 2 of tri. used the same 'dual' system (part 3 had more chapters so used a 'triple' system.) The entire menu is very clean and usable, which is how I like my menus.

    Time for extras!

    No clean OP this time, but we do get the clean episodic ED for part 4.
    Then we get a 30 second trailer for tri. part 3, along with the long 1 minute and 40 second trailer.
    We also get the 3 minute digest version of part 3 (this is meant to be a refresher of what happened in tri. part 3 before you watch part 4.)
    They also include the combined part 1 and 2 digest, which is 1 minute and 40 seconds long.
    After that we get some commercials for part 3. We get a 30 second ad and a 15 second ad for the part 3 BD/DVD. This continues the theme started with part 2 that some late commercials for the prior part show up since the prior disk would have been finished early for the theater release version.

    Overall tri. part 4 got a package on par with prior releases. The initial package, as mentioned above, comes in a digipak, but information suggests after the initial printing it will move over to a normal Blu-ray case, same as with parts 1, 2, and 3

    Part 4 did receive a theater release BD when it was in theaters. The disk contents themselves are the same, the only difference is in packaging and a different label on the disk.

    The DVD release should be the same for physical (with slight change in packaging for DVD instead of Blu-ray.) On disk content should be effectively the same, but in 480 compressed with MPEG2 instead of 1080 compressed with AVC for video, and Dolby Digital compression for the audio instead of uncompressed PCM.

    Screencaps were taken largely at random while jumping around (although if I knew a moment was coming up I wanted a cap of, I'd wait.)

    Various additional screen captures are in our gallery.

    The scans can all be found in the gallery.

    The scans are very small compared to the master scans I did (the work and backup folder structure for the scans and screencaps is over 35 gigs.) I will try and make wallpapers if people are interested. If you want to see a specific screencap of something give me a rough timecode if you can.

    This release continues the theme of tri. getting a nice home release and it'll be interesting to see how the upcoming release in the USA, UK, and Australia will compare.

    If you have any questions about the release feel free to ask.

    Digimon Adventure tri. part 4 is still available to order (Affiliate links.)

    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 4 DVD
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 4 Blu-ray

    Thanks to garm for a bunch of translated details.

    Thanks to everyone has donated for us to do various scans and breakdowns. We are still taking donations so we can do this again for future releases. If you are willing to donate please take a look at the most recent thread on the subject.

    We should have a few more things soon for people to look at.

    Images are hosted on our gallery and embedded on the forum, so let us know if anything is acting up.

    Update- We have week one sales. The sales chart for this period is April 3rd through April 9th. Digimon Adventure tri. Part 4 came out on April 4th.
    For some reason I'm currently unaware of, tri. part 4 shows on the chart for the week BEFORE it came out, so the charts so it's initial week as 'week 2.'
    I'll list information in a combined week 1/2 based on the charts, but also mention what was part of the 'early' week 1 numbers. So 'date wise' week 2 lines up with week 1 of prior releases.

    The Blu-ray version sold 7,780 copies and came in 2nd place on the Animation Blu-ray chart (927 were from the early week 1.)
    The DVD version sold 2,599 copies and come in 3rd place on the Animation DVD chart (333 were from the early week 1.

    For comparison purposes:
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 1 sold 6,074 on Blu-ray and 1,748 on DVD in it's initial week. It's chart position was 5th for BD and 10th for DVD.
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 2 sold 9,602 on Blu-ray and 2,804 on DVD in it's initial week. It's chart position was 2nd for BD and 3rd for DVD.
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 3 sold 9,061 on Blu-ray and 2,461 on DVD in it's initial week. It's chart position was 1st for BD and 2nd for DVD.

    Neither part 1 or part 2 charted at number 1 due to various big releases coming out at the time. The same is true of tri. part 4.

    Some notable releases that came out at the same time as tri. part 4 that appear on the chart are- Dragon Ball Super Volume 6, a re-release of Ghost in the Shell, along with two new Blu-rays for Aikatsu, and volume 4 of Flip Flappers.

    Thanks to ANN and SomeAnithing for the numbers.

    Week 1 BD sales for Part 4 are higher than Part 1, but lower than Part 2 and 3, while DVD sales are inbetween parts 2 and 3. While there is no obvious reason for the drop with Blu-rays, the massive amount of Digimon stuff that's been coming out in the first quarter of 2017 may have some people holding back to nab it later, to focus on other Digimon items.
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    It's weird to see Sora with a different hairstyle in that one outfit.
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    can you post full size of larger booklet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gok View Post
    can you post full size of larger booklet?
    You do realize you just click the images for full size right? I don't see how you would need them bigger otherwise.....

    Maki and daigo are so cute. I love their outfits. No goggle pictures though? Lol

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    i wonder if the US release will contain these items as well :< currently preordering Reunion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NekoHaruko View Post
    You do realize you just click the images for full size right? I don't see how you would need them bigger otherwise.....
    But I can't click on larger booklet's images, the others is still fine

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    Quote Originally Posted by gok View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by NekoHaruko View Post
    You do realize you just click the images for full size right? I don't see how you would need them bigger otherwise.....
    But I can't click on larger booklet's images, the others is still fine
    The front and back cover images for the larger booklet were not linking to the 'large' images, but the rest of the booklet images were.

    I've fixed the cover images, so all should be good now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gok View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by NekoHaruko View Post
    You do realize you just click the images for full size right? I don't see how you would need them bigger otherwise.....
    But I can't click on larger booklet's images, the others is still fine
    Ah, my apologies from earlier. I thought you were asking Marc to make the scans bigger. lol That makes more sense. Glad that got fixed.

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    Added week 1 (and week 2 sorta?) Blu-ray and DVD sales info to the article.
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