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Thread: First Proper Trailer for Hacker's Memory, Update- Announced for US and Pre-Order

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    I come from the net Shadow Shinji's Avatar
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    Music: 9,8/10
    Main character: 7,5/10
    Cutscenes: 8,6/10
    Nex additions: 5/10 (In my personal opinion, I think there are cooler Digimon than Triceramon and Coelamon, this seems to be like a callback to the original Digital Monsters/Pendulums, but I'm not really into Digimon's designs from this era. I'm glad though they have thought of Hippogriffomon, maybe this means that we get to see D'arcmon and Murmukusmon, and of course Dukemon CM is a must, that Quo Vadis looks awesome!!!)

    Overall: 8,9/10 in a trailer of a minute and a half

    My personal conclusion, I can't wait for it!!

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    I come from the net Jay Ukyou's Avatar
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    If we're getting Hippogriffmon and Triceramon, I really hope they can evolve into Zhuqiaomon and Qinglongmon or that's just a missed opportunity...
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    Oh wow, I just noticed that they used the English DigiCode instead of the standard JPN code when it morphs into the English messages. That's some pretty cool attention to detail there.

    Also, those anime scenes (cutscenes?) are looking pretty dope.

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    Huh, I wonder if the drawn animatin parts with Koromon and Tanemon are actually part of the game or just for the trailer.

    Also Triceramon Coelamon and Hippogriffomon are cool. Maybe they saw Romsstarts petition to get all the Digimon World 'mons back?

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    Omfg Triceramon!!! and Coelamon!! pls confirm Airdramon pls!!!!!!!!

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    I'm going digital Vaioumon's Avatar
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    Love the trailer. All these new additions are getting me hyped for when we see new megas.

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    Updated the news.

    Game is officially announced for the US and pre-orders are up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bartz View Post
    I honestly didn't expect to see Hippogriffomon joining the playable roster, while it has had some appearances in the anime I don't believe it hasn't been playable in anything outside of the card-based games like Crusaders/Heroes. It makes me more excited to see what the rest of the roster will look like once we get the game in our hands if they're looking to Digimon that haven't been tapped into outside of sparse appearances here and there.
    Maybe it was because of his big appearance in Tri, same with Triceramon? we could see LoaderLeomon and Orichimon in the future.

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    Wow. This is incredible. Cyber Sleuth must have really sold well. ^^ this makes me happy to see Digimon this popular again.

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    I'm glad though they have thought of Hippogriffomon, maybe this means that we get to see D'arcmon and Murmukusmon
    It's possible, it seems a lot of Digimon were added because they were classic or they filled out Cyber Sleuth's roster. Funbeemon, Dinobeemon, the rest of the Lunamon line, Golemon and Volcamon and maybe AncientVolcamon, PileVolcamon and/or BanchoGolemon. I'm hoping Dracumon's entire line shows up too. And Wendigomon or at least Turiemon.

    Despite them focusing on anime only Digimon in CS they snuck in a few really obscure ones, like Ebemon, and Cyclomon so I have my hopes up for great new additions. Every trailer I see Digimon I love!

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