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Thread: With the Will Livestream on Saturday

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    With the Will Livestream on Saturday

    We're going to do our first livestream!

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    Me and lost will be livestreaming at 2pm (Pacific) this Saturday!

    Victor will be off having fun at a convention, and rather than just skipping a podcast episode (or doing it without him) we're going to try something a bit different.

    I'll be playing some lesser known retro games while we both discuss the recent Digimon news.

    After the news, the video gaming will continue and we will discuss whatever anyone who is in the live stream chatroom would like to hear about (if you have any questions or thoughts on the franchise you'd like to know our opinions on, this'll be the time to pop in and ask.)

    The news and any relevant Digimon discussion we plan to cut out of the recording as the next podcast episode.

    We have no end time planned, we will see how everything goes.

    The live stream will be on Youtube, and we already have the page ready to go.
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