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Thread: Digimon: Data Steam

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    Digimon: Data Steam

    Hello Everyone! I've been working on this project for a while now and have been looking for a place to share it. Similar to other threads here, I have written out an idea for a new season of Digimon. It is written with the idea that it would be animated, kinda like a Season 7 (or 8 if you count the third part of Xros Wars seperately).

    This was designed as an anniversary season of sorts, with a lot of shout-outs and concepts taken from the rest of the series. Some events are very similar to things that have happened before. In particular I have added things that we haven't seen in an anime series before, such as elements from the V-Tamer 01 manga, some of the games, and some of Dorumon's backstory. Most of the partner Digimon were also taken from earlier series, but there are some new ones and the familiar ones will have new forms. One other thing to note is that my preferences for the Japanese and English terms varies, so you may see both in certain places.

    I have included Character Summaries and information about the new Digivice. After that is the actual episode list. I have the entire series written out already, along with some basic ideas for two movies that take place after the series. Another thing to note is that I haven't written out each episode as a script at this point, but instead as detailed plot synopses. Because of this, less of the character development is shown than what I would like, but I do plan to have plenty of those moments in the series. That has always been a very strong aspect of the Digimon anime series, so I want to emulate it in my series.

    Character Profiles
    The Digivice

    Digimon Data Stream - Episodes 1-10
    Digimon Data Stream - Episodes 11-20
    Digimon Data Stream - Episodes 21-30
    Digimon Data Stream - Episodes 31-40
    Digimon Data Stream - Episodes 41-52

    Digimon Data Stream Movies

    Let me know what you guys think, or if you have any questions about the series. Enjoy!
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    While I like the digimon and characters, I think the gimmicks of the main characters are too varied which isn't too good in a solo series.

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    So I realized that I posted my write-ups for the first five episodes a while back, and then completely forgot I did it. As such, I never did come back to post the rest of the story. I decided to just post all the episodes together. It might be a lot to get through, but I hope someone finds it interesting to read. I've also updated the Characters and Digivice page, and included some rough synopsis notes for two after-series movies.

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    I guess I missed this before. This is all really organized and it looks like you got a good thing going on. The only real possible problem I noticed was that, like, almost every partner is a dragon? Variety is very important in most stories, especially a mon series.

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    Yeah, there is a reason for that, but it is still a problem. Since I geared this as a tribute season of sorts and I specifically chose them based on what they could evolve into later on, it kind of just ended up that way. Hopefully the multiple evolution paths help with the variety issue a bit at least.

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