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Thread: tri. Part 4 Continuing at Wald 9 for 6th Week

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    tri. Part 4 Continuing at Wald 9 for 6th Week

    As of Saturday, April 1st tri. Part 4's theatrical run (extended to a total of 5 weeks from it's original 3) will officially end...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Except at the Shinjuku Wald 9, which will continue on for a 6th week.

    The Wald 9 has acted as a defacto 'home theater' for tri. since tri. began, so it continuing there a bit longer isn't unexpected.

    tri. part 4 will continue at the Wald 9 thru April 7th, with a decision to come later on if it will continue past that.

    No theater gifts has been announced.
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    I feel like with each movie they're extending the weeks more and more

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    Is Tri. being that popular in Japan? Just asking since I don't live there.

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    I hope so. What ever drives the franchise and gets more series. This is good news.

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