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Thread: Bunch of Appmon Stuff! New OP, New ED, New Characters, Arc 1 Digest!

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    Quote Originally Posted by amozu16 View Post
    First, I still subscribe to what I shall henceforth dub the triple 7s (777) theory of seven Appli Drivers, seven attribute types, and seven Gods. It just lines up, people, it just does. Plus, as someone earlier pointed out, Tsubumon highly resembles Twitter. In addition, Roleplaymon (Gattai Partner) and Uratechmon (Super Grade) both fall in with Watson's gaming motif and it's also possible that it's part of Speciamon's (the other Navi Ultimate Grade) evolution line. Also pretty convenient that Satellamon is on the same side as the Ultimate 4.

    Also, we can't count him and Ai out just because they don't seem that important right now. As someone previously mentioned, Hikari and Juri were both none physically strong, rather quiet and polite girls who didn't take on a significant role until later in the show. And as for Watson being comedy relief and that being disqualified, let's not forget about Hirokazu and Kenta, seemingly unimportant characters, who also provided comedy relief as well. Hell, they're all gamers (albeit, the former two played card games) and both Kenta and Watson are glasses wearing nerds. So no, definitely not counting them out yet, especially since they appear in the show's poster.

    Also, Notice that while the original 4 haven't changed their position in the final scene of the opening, (where they stand on the globe with all the symbols surrounding them) Yuujin is in the back and center, leaving room for 2 more entries.
    Triple 7s. Such a wise name.

    Speciamon is surely a secret app. Even here on the earth there is a little information about this appmon. But the exact similarity between him and Satellamon is really suspicious. Both are navi apps with the power level equal to 100000.
    But how can a navi type application be secret? Why should it be? I just don't get it lol.

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    At first, I wasn't too sold on the new opening and ending, that is no longer the case. The more I listen the more they grow on me

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    New thread for Gacchen is here!

    Feel free to continue along for ED here until we have more details.
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