We have all the V-Jump stuff from the new April issue now!

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A good chunk of this we saw earlier, but we now have good images.

For stuff we've already seen, I'll be linking to prior articles and have any translated details there.

This time, we're starting off with Digimon!

We already saw this first page, which is up above. It features Zubamon's Ultimate, Duranadmon.

At the bottom of the page we see details of the Appmon/Digimon crossover from the Appmon DCD and Appmon Card Game.

No real new details we didn't know about, but we do get a better look at some of the cards we only found out about a few days ago.

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We already knew most of what was going on for Hacker's Memory, but the images do make details a bit more clear.

We also see some basic product info for the GEM Taichi and Greymon figure, along with the BD/DVD of Digimon Adventure tri. part 4.

This section is finished off with some Linkz details:
New digimon: shinegreymon and rosemon BM
100 free Digistones and 10 Captures
Imperialdramon PM event
Omegamon appears again!
Login bonus allowing you to get Gumdramon

On to Appmon!

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We get to see a Shutmon Plus Globemon Appmon Chip here.

It also mentions that the new Applidrive Duo has rainbow lights and an encounter system. In addition, it has a feature where it responds to your touch.

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And last but not least, info on the Appmon manga, which we just posted about.

Thanks to ukyou for the images and to garm for some translated bits.

I'll be swapping out the images in recent V-Jump related articles with better images from here.