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Thread: A Virus in the Adventure Eight DigiDestined?

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    A Virus in the Adventure Eight DigiDestined?

    So it's basically fact the Guilmon is the first and currently only Virus Attribute Digimon to be partnered with a Goggle-head not counting Dark Digivolutions. And it is commonly accepted that Wormmon was the first Virus to be a Partner to a protagonist outside of the games where you can raise a Virus Digimon.

    However, while I was helping reformat Tentomon's Species page I learned that like Dobermon and Wormmon, Tentomon is classified as both a Vaccine and a Virus meaning that there was a Virus Attribute Partner Digimon before Wormmon.

    I also find it funny that both Digimon are based on insects, specially a caterpillar and a ladybug.
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    Togemon can also be classified as a Virus. Koshiro's Tentomon and Mimi's Togemon were Vaccine and Data respectively, though.
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    What TMS said. Remember that though a Digimon species may have more than one attribute (D-Project heavily suggests that every species has members of at least the three major attributes), an individual only possesses a single attribute. Think of it like the alleles of genetics. To over-simplify eye color, humans can have green, blue, or brown eyes, but an individual generally only has a single eye color. For Digimon Adventure, we have several direct statements about the partner Digimons' attributes, so we can absolutely rule out a viral member among the eight.

    With Digimon who have multiple possible attributes, there's sometimes a color change as well (compare the vaccine and virus versions of Agumon, for instance). D-Project goes further in having slight recolors for all attributes. Now, media apart from D-Project rarely explores attribute-recolors apart from viral counterparts, so you can't really do color comparisons to determine which version appeared in the anime (but, again, we have direct statements so don't need to resort to color comparisons).

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