We finally get to see Zubamon's ultimate!

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This newest early image from the new V-Jump reveals the only form of Zubamon we haven't seen previously.

Durandamon, for sure named after the legendary sword Durandal/Durendal.

His arms are two large and mighty blades.

Durandamon: Duramon's evolution, who has become a holy sword Ultimate level! Its sword calls forth victory!

In addition, they promise the next issue of V-Jump will have news of new developments for the 20th V-Pet, along with silhouetted images of a V-Pet and Apollomon.

We should at least have some more information about Durandamon when we get good quality V-Jump images soon, since there appears to be a short profile for him that's been cut off in the image.

Thanks to rastadog77 for the image.

Note/Update- We originally had spelled the name as Durendamon, as both Durendal and Durandal have been used for the source word. After discussing it further with garm and ukyou I've changed the spelling to Durandamon.

Update- Added a much better image above, original image is here.

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Also added a short translated profile above thanks to garm.

Original image was thanks to rastadog77