It's been awhile since we've had a product overview/review that wasn't a disk.

But we have the Digimon Domez Collectible Figures from Zag Toys and thought everyone might appreciate an in depth look.

These figures have already begun to show up at various stores, but their official date is still a week or so away (depending on the retailer.)

Each figure is $5 and blind bagged.

When Zag Toys offered to send me the figures, I figured it'd be a pre-opened set, but since they sent an actual retail box, that means we can go over everything in detail.

Let's go ahead and start off with what you should be looking for in stores.

The figures are packaged in a big Digimon box with the season 1/2 logo. Interestingly there are no images of the figures themselves on the box, just artistic interpretations of them.

The box also makes it very clear there are 9 figures total with one being a chase figure, along with the figure connecting feature.

A few things that may be of note and interest to many fans:
Toei is listed, but no Saban Brands.
The figures are marked as Series 1, which isn't a guarantee of more, but no doubt will have people theorizing even more on who a second series might feature.

The box itself looks relatively good opened up and sitting there. A simple flap opens up at the bottom so you can reach in and grab a blind bag. A figure comes pre-installed in a window so people can preview a figure first (and they glued that sucker in there, I may have to yank him out later.)

The box I have contained 9 blind bags (and the figure glued into the display window.) The information included lists what I received as a 'full box.' Information from the distributor lists a 'display box' as coming with 24 blind bags (to refill the box as a day goes on I assume.)

The blind bags contain all the information about the products in case they get separated from the boxes (they also include holes for hangers so a store can display them without the box.)

Those who were hoping for some sort of product ID to suggest which figure is inside each blind bag will be out of luck, nothing unique that I could find, so the bags are truly blind.

I was a bit surprised there wasn't any kind of tear tab on the bags, but grabbing both sides and pulling, they opened without trouble.

Image Thumbnail (custom)

Once you pop open the bag and pull out the goody inside you first have to remove a cardboard sleeve. I assume this is to protect the Domez from scuffs and scratches with them during shipping.

Onto the figures themselves!

Gotta start off with Agumon of course...

Agumon's mold is relatively nice, and clearly styled after his Adventure profile art. They've opened his mouth slightly to add some additional detail to the figure. While I like this touch, it leads to the primary issue with Agumon. The big split going through his head. It's not unexpected in a relatively low priced figure. You have to wonder if they couldn't have tried to make the top piece 'slide over' the bottom to try and cover up the split though. Also, despite his mouth being open, there seems to be full cutouts for his teeth, as if perhaps at one point the figure was designed to have the mouth closed. The cutouts are the only real issue I have with this figure, as it makes it look like chunks of his mouth have been sliced off.

The paint application on mine is decent, but not perfect. The colors by and large work well for this interpretation of Agumon, with the only thing throwing me off (and I had to look closely at the figure to be sure) is the fact that the whites of his eyes appear to be a very very soft orange color.

Time for Gabumon!

Gabumon has a fantastic mold. They again looked at the Adventure profile art for this one. I want to say he's smiling a bit more. This mold also has seams, but because of the color changes where the seams are, they are less noticeable and feel more natural.

The paint application might be a bit worse than Agumon, but because Gabumon is a bit more of a colorful character, it still looks nicer, minus perhaps a small dab of orange that somehow ended up on the back.


Honestly, I'm not sure what to think of Gatomon. The design is perhaps inspired by her Adventure art, but adds a handwave from one hand, and a fist clench from the other. The design looks short and stubbly to me. The design of the eyes also have a sort of dead look to them. I want to say the head is an entirely separate piece with the seams hidden well, and they were smart enough to attach the tail to the head for more stability. Unfortunately what should be a highlight of a Gatomon figure, the holy ring, is here just a soft green glob.

I'm not a huge fan of the mold, but the paint application done for Gatomon is very good. I especially like the way the whiskers and nose pop.

Up next is Gomamon!

The Gomamon figure is quite good. This one is obviously based on the Adventure art. Gomamon is a good mold, and in fact, has some nice details the other figures don't. Around Gomamon's tail are little marks, just like various Gomamon art over the years has had. His mane is clearly a separate piece, but it's been put on the figure in such a way that it helps hide the seam relatively well. I also appreciate the way the hair was molded, it gives the appearance of 'hair' instead of a solid piece for what is a relatively low priced figure. His eyes feel slightly off, but I may be imagining that.

The paint on Gomamon I like. The colors work really well for him, and the purple detailing all feels like it fits the design.

And that's it! Some pretty nice figures for the price.

You may be wondering about the other 5 (Palmon, Tentomon, Biyomon, Patamon, and the chase figure, Greymon), but even getting a full box of them, I only ended up with 4 figures out of 9 from the blind bags. The other 5 were doubles (triples for Gatomon and Gabumon.) Tentomon is in the display slot, and I plan to rip him out of there at some point.

Blind bags are a fun and neat way to get some decent figures cheaply, but you have to weight the risk of not getting what you want, or a full set (without trading.) If I ran to the Hot Topic in the mall near me and bough a full box, would I end up with the 5 figures I need to finish my set? It's a spin of the roulette wheel. (They don't clip together the way I have them in the image below, I just liked the visual of the doubles/triples on top of the figures.)

The last four of the normal figures are the standard press images of them. Figures of Tentomon in the display case can be seen towards the beginning of the article.


Thanks to our Twitter follower Mike we have a few images of Greymon.

It looks rather nice (I actually like the unique placement of the stripes on the tail, it adds a bit of unique flavor to the design.)

As for details on the actual Domez themselves.

The dome itself is a very nice clear plastic. I was a bit surprised just how clear and solid it feels. If you tap it with your knuckle you get a nice solid thunk noise.

Image Thumbnail (custom)

The base is a soft green that I find pleasing to the eye. On it is a white stamped legacy Digimon logo. The logo appears to be angled slightly counterclockwise instead of being straight. The actual quality of the logo seems to differ from figure to figure. It's small enough that all of the ones I recieved look fine, minus one which has a smudge at the top of the logo.

The Domez connect together rather solidly. If you attach them top to bottom it just requires a bit of general pressure and they push together well. If you attach them on the sides you'll want to use a bit more pressure to make sure they push together well (each Dome has a positive connection point on the left, and negative connection points on the right and back.) They stack and connect in a way that makes display very easy.

The top of each Dome has a little artistic Z that's used for the stacking. I assume this is meant to mean 'Zag Toys', and the Z actually seems to be a cleaned up version of the Z in the Domez logo.

The dome itself seems to be attached to the base by melting a bit of clear plastic that comes through the bottom to act as a sealing plug.

I'm torn on Domez to be honest. They're the first proper line of new Digimon stuff in the USA in quite awhile, and I actually really like them. I'm just not sure how I feel about the odds...

I'm especially not sure how I feel about the odds when their blind boxed Digimon plushes come out.

I think these are going to be very popular with Digimon fans. I think the people who will end up the happiest are the people who just want to collect a few. Those who want a full set or one specific character could potentially be in for some pain.

Thanks to Zag Toys for sending us a retail box of Digimon Domez so that we could review them.

Digimon Domez Season 1 will (officially) start off in Hot Topic on March 24th, and continue to FYE, Newbury Comics, Gamestop, and Five Below on March 27th, with other stores to follow later. We have reports of them being found relatively easily thus far at Hot Topic, Gamestop, and ThinkGeek stores.

Update- Zag Toys has confirmed information on the retail setup of the Digimon Domez. A retail box should have 24 Domez in it. Of these 24, there should be at least 2 sets, including at least 1 of the Greymon chase figures. I don't believe we've had any reports of it, but if people are having specific issues let me know, and I will forward issues to Zag (buying a full box and figures are missing, stuff like that.)

Images are hosted on our gallery and embedded on the forum, so let us know if anything is acting up.

Photos were taken by me using an iPhone 7 Plus. Photos were taken with the default camera application using whatever natural light was floating into the room at the time. Images were cropped and reduced in resolution to roughly 50%. Final images were JPG compressed.

Since I didn't have a good backing to use to photograph, nor the materials on hand to make them, I simply made do.