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Thread: Wikimon issues

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    Wikimon issues

    Apologies if there has already been a thread made about this, but I guess this is for general problems with Wikimon, as it appears some pages are missing. Well, at least one page is. The Lowemon page appears to have gone missing, and all links to it lead to a red-link. Was there a problem in the server move that caused some pages to be ditched?

    If the problem is resolved and there are no other problems like it to talk about, then please lock or even delete this thread. And if there was a thread about this sort of thing that I missed, please merge this.
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    If there is an issue with Wikimon, I would suggest going to one of their social media pages and letting them know.
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    Oh, right! Why didn't I think of that to begin with?
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    Shinji's already contacted Ainz about this so I imagine that it's going to be examined and resolved soon enough.
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