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Thread: The Olympus 12

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    The Olympus 12

    I am planning on making a video on the Olympus 12 and i was wondering if some of you guys can help me out with the information. I don't really know that much about the Olympus 12 except the stuff on the Wiki. I was wondering is there more information about the Olympus 12 other than the wiki that you guys know. It will really help me out and i would really appreciate the help.

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    There are several cutscenes in both Digimon Crusader and Collectors featuring the Olympos XII, that are quite interesting and tells a lot about their lore:
    *Crusader's cutscenes, called "Aegiomon's Chronicle": http://ameblo.jp/jdmax/entry-11624040667.html
    Translation of the dialogues in there (courtesy of Garmmon):
    Chp 1 - 異界の鬼神、襲来 Attach of the otherworldly demon god[/COLOR]
    - This is a quiet forest that hasn't forgotten peace, even in a war-torn world.
    - However, that peace would suddenly come to an end.
    - One who calls themselves the 'Demon God' (Ogre God?) brought their subordinates and began to advance upon the land.
    - Titamon: I have finally found you, detestable being of judgment...
    - Titamon: I'll burn you together with the forest into ashes...!
    - Aegiomon: [player], lend me a hand so that we can defeat him [Titamon]!
    - Aegiomon: Please! If this goes one, he'll completely destroy the forst!
    - Return peace to the forest together with Aegiomon, the kind forest-dweller!

    Chp 2 - 覚醒の導き手 The Guide to Awakening
    [Unlock Aegiochusmon]
    p1 - 修練 Training
    - IPdramon PM: You seem to be struggling, child of fate.
    - Aegiomon: You're Imperialdramon! Why are you here!?
    - IPdramon PM: Save the questions for later. For now, you must focus your thoughts on releasing your power.
    - Help to awaken Aegiomon's power, following the guidance of the dragon(s?)!
    p2 - 打開 Opening (breakthrough?)
    - IPdramon PM: Feel the power that sleeps deep within you, and break that shell open!
    p3 - 解放 Release
    - IPdramon PM: Can you see the power that sleeps deep within you?
    - IPdramon PM: You have to release it!
    p4 - 発現 Discovery
    - IPdramon PM: Now that you have released the pwoer within you, it is time that you show that power!
    p5 - 覚醒 Awakening
    - IPdramon PM: Now that you have shown me your power, it is time for the awakening!
    - IPdramon PM: This concludes our training.

    Chp 3 - 豊穣神の試練 The God of Fertility's Trial [fertility/good crop harvest]
    - After managing to repel Titamon, Aegiomon takes a short rest.
    - However, a huge bird monster suddenly appears before Aegiomon.
    - Aegiomon: W-what is that gigantic Digimon...!?
    - Ceresmon: I am Ceresmon. A pillar or Olympos who governs over fertility.
    - Ceresmon, who identifies herself as one of the Olympos Twelve, starts speaking.
    - Ceresmon: This is a trial. Know your fate, Aegiomon.
    - The god begins attacking, claiming it to be a 'trial'. Get the truth out of her!

    Chp 4 - 豊穣神の真実 Truth of the God of Fertility
    - Aegiomon battles Ceresmon, who is attacking for what she claims is a 'trial'.
    - Aegiomon manages to dodge the god's attacks and finally reaches its body [the big bird part].
    - Aegiomon: I managed to make it here somehow...!
    - Aegiomon: I have to find its true body and ask about its intentions behind the attack!
    - Find Ceresmon's true body before being shaken off [the earth/bird body]!

    Chp 5 - 光と闇の胎動 Light and Darkness begin to move
    - Aegiomon begins the awaken the powers within him through the battles he faces.
    - While travelling through the wastelands, a Digimon blocks his path.
    - Cerberumon: I came to see what 'Aegiomon, the child of fate' was really like, but looks like I expected too much.
    - Aegiomon: Don't you think it's a bit rude to say you 'expected too much' when you suddenly attacked out of nowhere?
    - Cerberumon: My name is Cerberumon. I am the watchdog of hell.
    - Cerberumon JM: You do not understand the powers that sleep within you at all!
    - Cerberumon JM: If you are really the child of fate, the prove it[show me the movements (of light and darkness?)]!
    - As if resounding to those words, Aegiomon could feel the blood within him boil.
    - Aegiomon: What is this..I feel a strong power coming from inside me!
    - Release his true power in the fight with Cerberumon!

    Chp 6 - 軍神遊戯 The God of War's Game
    [Unlock Aegiochusmon Green]
    - Aegiomon was able to evolve into Jupitermon for a short moment.
    - However, that effect didn't last long...
    - And so, Aegiomon made his way to the colosseum, as if he was being led there.
    - Waiting for him was a Digimon with a ferocious fighting spirit.
    - Marsmon: I am Marsmon, a pillar of Olympos who governs over war.
    - Aegiomon: You are a member of the Olmpos too? That means...
    - Heat was overflowing from the colosseum! His chest naturally heated up.
    - Marsmon: That's right. This might be sudden, but I'm throwing you a trial right here. Best of luck!
    - The tournament held by the god of war wasn't just for entertainment.
    - Win your way through the god's tournament, and find out Marsmon's true motives!

    Chp 7 - 吼える猛獣 猛る野獣 Howling Beast, Raging Beast
    [unlock Aegiochusmon Blue]
    - The impact from a single swing broke the silence of the forest!
    - Minotarumon: GWOOOOOOOOOO
    - Minotarumon: There you are, Aegiomon! Eat a blow from my Demon Arm!
    - The blows from Minotarumon's left arm caused the whole forest to tremble. The forest-dwellers hid themselves...
    - Gotsumon: There he is, Lord Mercurimon! It's Aegiomon! ...Huh?
    - Gotsumon: Why is Minotarumon here? It's an enemy invasion, Lord Mercurimon!
    - Mercurimon: Hm..I just wanted to meet that kid who would change forms according to the situation, but...
    - Mercurimon: Perfect timing. You, over there...let us defeat Aegiomon together!
    - Minotarumon: Huh? That the heck are you thinking! Aren't you one of the Olympos Twelve!?
    - Aegiomon is attacked by the good-evil combo, without a clue as to what was going on.
    - Fight and discover Mercurimon's true intentions!

    Chp 8 - イリアスからの脅威 The Threat from Iliad
    - Aegiomon was tired of the continuous battles.
    - Aegiomon: The titans and the Olympos Twelve..why are they aiming for me?
    - Aegiomon: Though I can feel myself growing stronger as well.
    - A beast! A mythical beast's presence!
    - Aegiomon's instincts, which had gotten sharper through the fights, enabled him to sense the bloodthirst of the titans.
    - Hippogriffomon: I see, now I understand why Plutomon regarded him as dangerous.
    - Hippogriffomon: It'll be dangerous if Aegiomon awakened any more of his evolution abilities.
    - Gryphomon: Aegiomon!!
    - For the sake of the Digital World: Iliad, we will have you die here now!
    - Aegiomon: Iliad? What do you mean? Why do you come after me?
    - Gryphomon: That doesn't concern the likes of you, who lives in Yggdrasil's world!
    - Gryphomon: Besides...you won't be living much longer!
    - Aegiomon glares at the two attacking mythical beasts.
    - His resolve is firm. Whatever it takes to end this war...!

    Chp 9 - 闇に咲く二輪の花 The Flower [anemone?] That Blooms in the Darkness
    [Unlock Aegiochusmon Dark]
    - Aegiomon: Digital World: Iliad? Olympos? The Titans?
    - Aegiomon: So if it wasn't for me...this war wouldn't have happened in the first place!
    - A flash of purple lightning!
    - The abyss is covered...in pitch-black darkness...!
    - Aegiochusmon Dark: UGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaa!
    - Aegiochusmon Dark: ...need...I...don't need...this...power...!!
    - Despair threatened the Digital World...
    - However, it would not last long.
    - Venusmon: It's okay! I'll do something about it with my holy powers!
    - Mervamon: You say that, but you always end up crying 'waah, help me!'...
    - Venusmon: How cute, Merva[-chan]! Say that again, say that again!
    - Mervamon: Quiet! Stop adding [-chan] to my name! That's why I didn't want to team up with you!
    - Mervamon: ...But it is mysterious. Even within this darkness of despair, he is still filled with resolve.
    - Mervamon: He has not...completely fallen!
    - Aegiochusmon Dark: Ho...me...ros...!
    - The concept of good and evil did not exist in the Digital World Iliad.
    - What existed was each individual's intent.
    - And so Aegiomon understood the other world, the existence of Iliad.
    - Venusmon: So he fell into darkness on purpose!
    - Mervamon: So it seems...how calculating.
    - Venusmon: Alright, let's begin the fight!
    - And so, the battle between light and darkness began.
    - A mysterious battle, where both sides held no hatred or ill will..!

    Chp 10 - バッカスの酒宴 Bacchus's Banquet
    [Unlock Aegiochusmon Holy]
    - Aegiomon reflected upon the power of the 'cards'.
    - Red, green, blue, purple...encompassing all of creation in the Digital World...
    - Aegiomon: I hadn't sought for this knowledge. I did not wish for this power.
    - Aegiomon: However, I am left with just one...after this, it will all be over...
    - Bacchusmon: Well, you probably don't remember me.
    - The strong stench of wine hurt his head, and caused his face to scrunch up.
    - However, Aegiomon smiled.
    - Aegiomon: No...I remember you, Bacchusmon.
    - Aegiomon: How your wine is so strong that its caused lapses in my memory [?]...
    - Aegiomon: And also, the reason why you're here.
    - Bacchusmon: Gahahaha! Saves me the trouble of explaining, then.
    - Bacchusmon: Here, have a glass! Let's have an extraordinary feast!
    - Aegiomon: My power is still lacking. However, I only lack this last piece.
    - Aegiomon: As a member of the Olympos Twelve, I shall borrow your power.
    - Bacchusmon: What are you saying? You're one of the Olympos Twelve as well.
    - Noble, divine light covered Aegiomon.
    - With that, the last of his power has awakened.
    - Aegiochusmon Holy: I see...that's how it was. I hope you won't go to hard on me.
    - Aegiomon had remembered almost everything.
    - How he was originally born in the Digital World Iliad.
    - And how he was Jupitermon, one of the Olympos Twelve!

    Chp 11 - ぼくらのデジタルワールド Our Digital World
    - Yggdrasil, who controls over the Digital World, has disappeared.
    - All that remains are the scraps of data.
    - The five coloured 'cards' that served as Yggdrasil's terminal...
    - Although they were extremely powerful, at the same time, they were completely meaningless.
    - Because under the system of this world, no one was able to make use of them.
    - Plutomon: The 'Child of Fate', who returned to a Digiegg and escaped to this world...
    - Plutomon: So that was you, Aegiomon!
    - Aegiochusmon Holy: Plutomon! What do you plan to achieve by taking over the Digital World Iliad?
    - Aegiochusmon Holy: Taking everything! Destroying everything! What will come of ruling a scorched land of nothingness!?
    - Plutomon: Let me ask you the same thing. What does the olympos Twelve plan to achieve by governing over the world?
    - Plutomon: Are you sure that was the host computer Homeros's intent?
    - Aegiochusmon Holy: Homeros's intent has nothing to do with this.
    - Aegiochusmon Holy: All I want to do...is to end this meaningless war!
    - Aegiomon was surrounded by the fine coloured 'cards'.
    - What emerged was 'light'.
    - Jupitermon: This is your divine punishment!
    - Jupitermon: Return to the Digital World Iliad!
    - Jupitermon: No...you shall return to 'nothingness'...
    - Plutomon: Save your breath! You think you can defeat me with those dumbell-shaped toys?
    - Plutomon: I'll show you the darkness that lies deeper than the abyss...the depths of hell!!
    - Thus, the final battle between the Olympos and the Titans commenced.
    - That marked the end, and also the beginning...!
    *Collectors' cutscenes regarding the Olympos XXI:
    -Ceresmon & Bacchusmon
    -Titamon & Merukimon
    -Ceresmon, Bacchusmon, Neptunemon, Marsmon & Minervamon
    -Junumon/Hysteric Mode, Jupitermon & Venusmon

    Sources: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/3201489454?pn=1, https://tieba.baidu.com/p/3201489454?pn=2, https://tieba.baidu.com/p/3201489454?pn=3, https://tieba.baidu.com/p/3201489454?pn=4, https://tieba.baidu.com/p/3201489454?pn=5, https://tieba.baidu.com/p/3201489454?pn=6, https://tieba.baidu.com/p/3201489454?pn=7

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure if there's a translation of this ones, but some of them are quite intuitive
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    Well... That's kind of vague. Is there any specific information you're wanting? And are you using both wikis?
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    I mostly want information bout their lore and their strength i use the this wiki digimon.wikia.com

    Shadow Shinji Thank you so much
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    There's both the Digimon Wikia, which has a lot more lore information, though it's based on the sometimes-innaccurate or inconsistent English dub/game materials.
    And Wikimon, which has more comprehensive information on all the mechanics of Digimon levels/profiles/attacks/evolutions/appearances, but misses out on most of the more detailed lore stuff apart from the Digimon Reference Book profiles.

    Using both gets you a pretty good summary of all Digimon related stuff. For random trivia, you could also try searching the TVTropes wiki, which has a LOT of fairly obscure Digimon stuff brought up as trivia (though it's not all sourced, so you might want to check the more outlandish stuff with someone from WtW before reposting it).
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    (though it's not all sourced, so you might want to check the more outlandish stuff with someone from WtW before reposting it).
    They've definitely had some pretty bad claims on there for a while, though in fairness all wikis or even all fansites can be vulnerable to that.

    But no, they ain't perfect.

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