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Thread: Samurai Jack [Season Five Discussion]

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    Samurai Jack [Season Five Discussion]

    Jack is back. Back to the past

    After being off the air for 14-15 years, Samurai Jack has returned to television with a fifth and final season that premiered on Adult Swim last Saturday, March 11th. The new season takes place 50 years after the last episode of Season 4, featuring a much more haggard version of the titular wandering samurai, who apparently has not aged due to the effects of being involuntarily flung forward in time by his archenemy Aku, "the shapeshifting master of darkness", and the ruler of the Bad Future that he was sent to in the pilot. He also has lost his magic sword, the only thing that can defeat Aku.

    The final season will run for 10 episodes and, hopefully, give a proper ending to the series.

    Anyone manage to catch the first episode?
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