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Thread: Voice Actors for new Appmon characters, the Ultimate 4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Libra View Post
    Adding four new characters plus the news about offmon and appli drive duo, I wonder if we will see four new appli drivers four these new ones each with appli derive duo. And at this point I feel some kind of similarities between appmon and frontier . Charismon always reminds me of duskmon. Warudamon and others are seemingly sided with leviathan but are destined to join the good side to defeat leviathan. Very similar to the let's call corrupted spirits in frontier. I think there will be 12 applidrivers in appmon anime that we have seen or somehow become aware of the existence and identity of 8 of them so far.
    12? 8? Who're 6, 7, and 8? Watson, Ai, and Hajime? Becuase while Watson and Ai fall into my theory, I'd like to point out there are only 14 Ultimate Grade Appmon as of now, and only 6 God Grades. Literally not enough to support 12 characters

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    Wow, a new one. News seem to introduce another human character. At least we are sure about it that there will be more human characters in the anime than what we've seen so far. So it was not bad of a idea to think about humans residing in deep web that were not shown simply because everything was happening in other places so far.
    12 plus duo appli drive could make pairs of drivers to reach 6 god grade appmon. Though according to the news, my this part of my idea may turn out to be completely wrong, but we now there are human beings other than these kids who will have important rules and so the number of them exceeds at least number 8. I was wrong but not completely.
    I also think that there should be 7 god grade appmon and the reason why there is no sign of it anywhere is obvious. It's related to Leviathan's god grade form because it's impossible to think it is a standard lol, supe or even ultimate appmon.
    I also wonder what is the concept of app boss and if the ultimate four are in fact app bosses of the deep web with mienumon being the app boss of the surface.
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    I don't know if Leviathan will get an Appmon to represent it, since it's not an app.
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    Satellamon is just too cool. I really wish to see his god grade form somwhere. I checked the list of ultimate appmon introduced so far. There are 15 of them, but one is useless. Thus remains 14 ultimate appmon and just 6 god grade appmon. One of them is a secret app and as expected from the word, there is a tiny amount information about this one. Still, the very information shows its type and power level are identical to satellamon's. And surprisingly, they are stronger than any other appmon with the same level. It would really be amazing to have a god grade appmon composed of the two strongest ultimates.
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