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Thread: Voice Actors for new Appmon characters, the Ultimate 4

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    Voice Actors for new Appmon characters, the Ultimate 4

    We have the cast members for the new rival characters, the Ultimate 4, showing up in the next Appmon story arc!

    We first found out these four characters would be playing a major role a few weeks ago, but now we have cast info for them, and the casting is a bit of a doozy.

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    First we have Yuichi Nakamura as Charismon.

    Nakamura has far to many credits to list and is a major, well known, voice actor.

    Just a small sample of some of his credits are: Shinomiya from Food Wars, Tomoya from Clannad, Gray in Fairy Tail, Karamatsu in Mr. Osomatsu, Mumen Rider in One-Punch Man, and the list literally just keeps going on.

    Charismon is an Appmon with the Mind Control ability. It is especially skilled at using the power of suggestion to influence even strangers. It brainwashes the target with its technique in conversation, and manipulates them according to its will.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Next up is Ayumi Tsunematsu as Beautymon.

    Another voice actor with many credits big and small, but has had some notable big roles including: Marina from Gundam 00 and Matt from Zoids Fuzors.

    Beautymon is an Appmon with the Beauty ability, who is considered the ultimate personification of beauty in this world. It sports not just looks, but also a beautiful voice and elegant dancing ability; with its every action, it captivates everyone around and doesn't let them go.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Third is Tetsu Shiratori as Fakemon.

    Another accomplished voice actor that a good chunk of you may have heard before. Some of his better known roles are: Lloyd Asplund from Code Geass and Sai in Gundam Seed.

    Fakemon is an Appmon with the Disguise ability. An evil clown that deceives the entire world with its lies, using its unparalleled skill in forgery.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Last, but certainly not least is Takehito Koyasu as Biomon.

    An actor with so many credits we can't even scratch the surface.

    A small sample of his credits include: Optimus Primal in the Japanese dub of Beast Wars and Beast Machines, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo in Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Dojima in Food Wars, Shinsuke in Gintama, Luke Valentine in Hellsing, Raizer in High School DxD, and Takahashi in Initial D.

    I could literally keep going with him forever going through the roles people are likely to know him from... so I'll go ahead and list even MORE since no doubt some people will wonder why I didn't list some of his other well known roles: Dio in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Mu La Flaga from Gundam Seed, Zechs from Gundam Wing, Aoba in Evangelion, Claude in Nisekoi, Aokiji in One Piece, Yosho in Tenchi, and his finest (or most annoying depending on personal preference) role... Excalibur in Soul Eater.

    Biomon is an Appmon with the Life ability. A famed, powerful doctor, it is said that "There is no patient that Biomon cannot cure". For Biomon, whose knowledge of living organisms encompasses all, even surgery is akin to child's play.

    Charismon, Beautymon, Biomon, and Fakemon make up the new group 'the Ultimate 4', a group of Ultimate grade Appmon who will start showing up in Appmon in the new story arc. The Appmon Twitter also asks whether these new characters are friend or foe?

    Update- Added full profile information for each Appmon. Thanks to garm for the translations!
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    Foe, hopefully, though they'll probably become App Fusion fodder later on. It'll be nice to see some more powerful (and hopefully more menacing) villains.
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    Added even more credits for Takehito Koyasu.

    Every single person I had spot check the news once I put it up came up with 'important' characters of his I needed to list.

    No one asked me to add Excalibur, but I chose to anyways.

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    Excalibur is amazing and literally the only thing I remember about Soul Eater.

    Also, if Biomon/Dio (Diomon?) isn't the one to kill off Dantemon/StarPlatinum, I will be the most disappointed child in the world.

    Side theory: Beautymon looks so much like an idol, I hope that it's the top Appliyama girl who ends up being her partner/victim.

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    I initially thought Koyasu voiced Dezipmon in the recent episode, with said Appmon doing Jojo-esque poses and along with a familiar voice acting style. Though looking forward on his Biomon portrayal--- Either as another future ally of Haru and the AppliDrivers, or as a powerful member of another antagonistic Shitteno/Four Heavenly Kings after Digimon Adventure's Dark Masters.
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    I didn't put it in the news, because we don't know if this is all a red herring or not, but in the Appmon video game, Charismon, Fakemon, Biomon, and Beautymon are who you combine with Globemon, Revivemon, Oujamon, and Entermon to get God grade Appmon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcFBR View Post
    The Appmon Twitter also asks whether these new characters are friend or foe?
    Interesting, so they may have ambiguous motives. I did notice that there’s a strong ‘duality’ element to some of their designs.

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    Updated the news with profiles of each Appmon.
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    Oh man, the number of JoJo connections and references in Appmon thus far has been crazy. Timemon basically being The World, Dezipmon and Biomon being voiced by Koyasu / Dio, Dezipmon with the posing, and Dantemon basically being Star Platinum. Nothing wrong with it - I think it's REALLY cool given that it connects the Digimon and JoJo anniversaries this year. And yeah, Koyasu playing Yosho and Mu therefore also connects them to the Tenchi and Gundam Seed anniversaries.

    And yeah, as Marc already pointed out, these four are needed for the mains to reach Gaiamon, Hadesmon, Poseidomon, and Uranusmon. Spoilered those out just in case some people want to avoid that info, of course.
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    You thought Dantemon was going to appear, but it was me, Biomon!

    I'll be disappointed if this doesn't happens

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