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Thread: Thoughts so far on new tri. Characters?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MajinAkuma View Post
    Regarding the of four of the original five being the partners of the Four Holy Beasts, I don't have a problem with that. It may give some of their mystical elements away, but it still adds some new lore and gives more depths to them.

    It would also explain why the Four Holy Beasts trust humans so much and why they are so familiar with DigiVices and I wouldn't be surprised if they gained knowledge of the Digital World's history simply by evolving into their evolved forms.

    Since the original five Chosen Children were mentioned in episode 53, it raised questions like "What happened to them? Where are they now? Why can't they help out? What happened to their Digimon? Are they still living in the Digital World?" After all, the only Ultimates other than Partner Digimon we have seen are the Dark Masters, Demon, SaberLeomon, Alphamon and Jesmon. We don't know if Leomon could evolve into SaberLeomon again after his rebirth. Alphamon was probably doing his knight thing and who knows when Jesmon was born, but in 2002, there basically no Ultimates other than the Four Holy Beasts and Alphamon (or possibly SaberLeomon) to stop BlackWarGreymon. Leomon could Warp Evolve because of his contact with the DigiVice, so I could see that the Four Holy Beasts were able to evolve thanks to their bond with their partners and Homeostasis power. The Dark Masters and Demon were likely able to evolve due to the power of darkness, thus they didn't need holy power to achieve that. And Vamdemon did that twice.

    Why Alphamon and Jesmon are a thing is something I have no answer for and I probably won't get them. Maybe it's their connection to Yggdrasil and Homeostasis. I wouldn't be surprised if Huckmon was meant to be Hiroki Hida's partner or something. Since Oikawa got a partner, Hiroki Hida must have one waiting for him, too.

    Btw, I hope that the Triceramon evolved into Qinglongmon. That would so ironic, considering Imperialdramon's origin and which Digimon he was fighting against for the first time.
    I am going to say that Alphamon was thought of in 2003. I am very big on x-Antibody Digimon and think that Tri will be better with more x-antibody Digimon included. That say.

    Meiko: I am glad they add her and her Digimon. They needed a plot twist int eh 8 Digi Tamers. The 02 cast are okay, but they really need someone around their ages.

    Meikomon: a cool cat. Inspired by Gatomon by the looks of what the in-training and rookie forms look like. Love to see what they going to do with the X-antibody Digimon.

    Maki: So glad she found her Digimon. I am surprise it is a Tapirmon and not a rookie form of Huanglongmon. The closest one is Kudamon.

    Diego: I like the guy. At first I thought he is the Digi partner of Huckmon, but then a flashback show that he is the tamer of one of the Holy Beast.

    Huckmon: I am glad it can show to humans. Love that it can talk to a human, and then a few screens later, it shows as Jessmon. I wonder if it is 2 different Digimon.

    Alphamon: Love him. Want to see him digivolving and going into his Ouryuken form. I still hope they show Ouryumon in the show.

    Ginni: I wonder if this have to do with Piemon and his black ball in season 1. Of course, with Yggdasil, it might be a Ginni from another time period.

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    What makes you think Bakumon/Tapirmon can't evolve into Huanglongmon? It could easily be its Child form.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AquaVersus View Post
    What makes you think Bakumon/Tapirmon can't evolve into Huanglongmon? It could easily be its Child form.
    If you check Wikimon, it shows the only ways that Huanglongmon digivolves into is from jogress from two of the other Holy beast or from Tyilinmon, which is the perfect evolution of Kudamon. Yes, Tapirmon/Bakumon can evolve into Reppamon, but it's evolution is mostly with Unimon from the games. Also, the perfect evolution is Megadramon, and it mostly goes to Mugendramon/Metaldramon instead.
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    That doesn't really matter. Triceramon had never evolved into Qinglongmon before, but did in Tri.

    Also, we've seen Alphamon Ouryuken in the first movie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryudamon View Post
    I am going to say that Alphamon was thought of in 2003.
    I'm talking about the in-universal chronologic events, not something that happened meta-wise. But it may possible that Alphamon was born in Aventure's 2003, which would make him two years old.

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    So does anybody feel as though any one of the characters is merely there support the development of another?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TMS View Post
    That doesn't really matter. Triceramon had never evolved into Qinglongmon before, but did in Tri.
    But it wasn't explicitely shown. Only Orochimon --> Xuanwumon was shown to us. Although, I do believe that Triceramon became Qinglongmon, alone because of the whole irony with Paildramon/Imperialdramon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MajinAkuma View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by TMS View Post
    That doesn't really matter. Triceramon had never evolved into Qinglongmon before, but did in Tri.
    But it wasn't explicitely shown. Only Orochimon --> Xuanwumon was shown to us. Although, I do believe that Triceramon became Qinglongmon, alone because of the whole irony with Paildramon/Imperialdramon.
    It's most likely. Same way Hippogriffomon digivolved to Zhuqiaomon and LoaderLiomion digivolved to Baihumon.

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    1. Meiko -- Sweet girl, but she doesn't really bring anything altogether new to the table. Basically she's a more-thoroughly examined version of Wallace's character arc from Digital Hurricane Touchdown, right down to the gist of that arc being summed up in the words "Old Yeller". ...And that's all there really is to say about her.

    (Maybe she's the Japanese girlfriend Wallace learned to speak the language from).

    2. MaiCoomon -- I wasn't all that fond of MaiCoomon's cloying cuteness, especially her really rather cringe-inducing relationship with Leomon (that girl's no good for you, man). She doesn't even kill him in a way that's appropriate to her character, slaughtering him outright rather than infecting him, which undercuts the impact of her new role in the story. Screamy the Rabid Catgirl's all right, but there's no point where she becomes a terribly interesting character. She's more here to be emoted about than to emote herself.

    And again Hurricane Touchdown undercuts another character, given that we've already seen this kind of character arc. Kokomon at least had the dignity of some cool and unique fights and ended up being legitimately fearsome in his own right. MaiCoomon, MaiCrackmon, and Raguelmon are all basically the same rabid catgirl batting things around and screaming.

    The First Chosen

    The First Chosen exemplify one of the problems I have with tri., which is the utter pointlessness of them being the First Chosen. We aren't following up on the mythical significance of them being the First Chosen, their Digimon, despite their supposed importance, are completely absent, and they barely even reminisce. The status basically exists to justify their presence without having any real bearing on the story.

    3. Daigo -- In isolation, certainly a decent enough guy, but his struggles (i.e. he's a helpless, useless sap) have nothing to actually do with his status as one of the First Chosen. He's really just along for the ride.

    I suppose he makes a decent shadow for Taichi regarding the "helpless, useless sap" bit. He'd make a better one if Taichi knew about it.

    4. Maki -- But wait, I hear you say, Maki at least has a character arc relevant to her time as a Chosen, given her motivation. And certainly, being a First Chosen is more important to her than it ever was to Daigo, but the fact that there are only two of the original five running around and the reveal that she's ultimately just a tool for the villains simply affirm that the First Chosen aren't actually important to the story, and so that status can't -- by definition -- be important to her. Even with the 6th movie being set up to have Daigo get his shit together and rescue from her own broken psyche only ties her to him, and his FC status is irrelevant. Maybe we could argue something about her being a First Gen Victim of Homeostasis.

    There are plenty of ways to have an older character lament the loss of a Digimon friend; you could expand, for example, on Oikawa's premature discovery of the Digital World in his youth, and say somebody else managed to get some early exposure in, too. From another perspective, there's nothing about her character arc that you couldn't do by, say, dumping loads of stress on Juri Katou and then suggesting there might be a way to bring her Leomon back.

    I've just realized Maki is Yukio Oikawa by way of Juri Katou and that's the best thing about her I've been able to think up.

    The Heralds

    5. The Mysterious Man -- I was rather underwhelmed by the reveal that the Kaiser was actually not the Kaiser, which swept away a great deal of potential conflict that would've been very interesting in its own right, and the impression of his character has been swimming in a malaise of pointlessness, since Toei has also sapped him of all interest as a character in his own right by making a point of not identifying him as Gennai. The only real interest we have left in him is the minor factoid of his actual identity, which doesn't give much impression of being a valid device for drama. If he's Gennai willingly serving Yggdrasil, then he's just another poor ally of the Chosen; if he's another Gennai clone, then who gives a damn? The only real drama you could spin out of this is if his current appearance is just another disguise, and then it would depend on how you played it -- you could get some drama (not much, considering there's only one movie left) if you pulled something like him being really Ken Ichijouji all along, but my personal bet is that they'd go with Vamdemon, which would be hilarious.

    Symbiosis actually made me like him for just how silly he is. Our Interdimensional Man of Mystery's just gonna hang upside down and watch the girls go at it, like some jackass at a sporting event.

    6. Alphamon -- Until he gets a single line, he goes right into the Plot Device bin with MeiCrackmon and Raguelmon.

    7. Hackmon -- Kind of an uninspired choice; that his null canon eager beaver personality has been swapped out for a generic solemnity makes him as a Digimon less important than the role he fills. The only things there are to say about him are all meta, namely, "Oh, look, the last and latest Royal Knight. Except the Royal Knights aren't a thing in the Adventure-canon, so who cares?"

    8. Yggdrasil -- ...hasn't actually shown up as a character yet, which probably means he doesn't have anything really interesting or dramatic to bring to the table; at this point, we only care about final confirmation on the nature of "his" plan. It would be amusing if the Mysterious Man just roped every one into this sham of Yggdrasil trying to usurp the Digital World so well that he even has Homeostasis up on her hind legs. Don't know why Alphamon would get involved, though; maybe the Mysterious Man has embarrassing photos.
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    Honestly, I agree with much of what you're saying. Tri could certainly go further with all of its new characters. The writers really haven't explored the potential conflicts and pathos each of them COULD be bringing to the table.

    I don't agree that this makes them -bad-. I like where most of the new characters are in Tri right now. There is certainly a lot to examine already, and the obvious parallels and comparisons between the new characters and the main 8 Chosen are pretty well done. There's just plenty of room for improvement. I like a lot of your ideas about how Tri could've worked harder to push these characters to be more. I'm not sure why they've made the decision to hold back on some pretty obvious ways to make these characters more fleshed out/dramatic.

    One thing I do argue about is that Maki/Daigo's status as the First Chosen doesn't have any relevance. At the very least, I think the parallels it sets up between them and the main 8 forms the thematic core of the entire season and your complaints about it being 'meaningless' ring hollow. Without the comparison between Daigo and Maki, the main conflict loses that element of the battle between good and evil being cyclical (which is a potential reason the 02 kids had to be shoved aside since their adventure seemed to imply that they'd broken the cycle somehow, despite the Digital World having more apparent weak spots than ever...). Without Maki/Daigo being the First Chosen, you also don't get to see the direct parallel of 'what kind of adults could the main 8 grow up to be' / 'what sort of person does a Chosen grow up into'.

    I honestly think that the simple fact that Maki and Daigo are former Chosen Children sets up the biggest (possibly only) real dramatic storytelling work in the whole season.
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