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Thread: Digimon Adventure Premiered 18 Years Ago! And a Message from Volcano Ota

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcFBR View Post
    While not mentioned in the news... while his name isn't generally one of the ones mentioned when people bring up Akiyoshi Hongo (who obviously doesn't exist, at least as a a single person.)

    Ota, as the project director for the original V-Pets, would certainly be one of the people who arguably could be 'thought of' as Akiyoshi Hongo.
    yeah, Ota was one of the father founders of the whole digimon franchise. He was also the one who brought up the D-1 Granprix for digimon vpet tournament. I still remember that the pendulum v-pet derived from hid thought about one of kickboxing fighting style

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    Happy 18th anniversary Digimon Adventure! Hoping for more awesome years to come! ^^
    The movie looks awesome too, and explains a lot to what happened in the show.

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    Wow. 18 years. Things sure has changed. ...2019 sure is going to be a good year,

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    18 years--- Quite a roller coaster of an Adventure, ne? And here we are, now in a another journey with Taichi and the gang in their teenage years in Tri.
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