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    Time for a new donation post.

    With various things about to come out (including a Blu-ray, CDs, and a DVD box in just a few weeks we could really use donations to help to make sure we can break down and scan these items.

    At the moment without donations, some of these items are very likely to have their orders cancelled so we would really appreciate anything anyone can do to help.

    You can use the site's internal donation system, if you want to just use standard Paypal it's godofchaos@gmail.com or you can use my Paypal.me link. If you have suggestions for other ways you can donate please feel free.

    A few things we've we've done scans and product breakdowns of:

    Digimon the Movies Blu-ray Box
    Digimon Adventure Blu-ray Box
    Butter-Fly tri. Version Single
    I Wish tri. Version Single
    Brave Heart tri. Version Single
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 1 Blu-ray
    Digimon Adventure Zero-Two Blu-ray Box
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 2 Blu-ray
    Seven -tri. Version-
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 3 Blu-ray
    DigiFes 2016 Blu-ray
    Digimonukkah, Day 1- Dive!! Limited Edition
    Digimonukkah, Day 2- Blue Flame Syndrome
    Digimonukkah, Day 3- The Saban Digimon Style Guide (Season 1 and Early Season 2) [also the launch of our Digimon Gallery]
    Digimonukkah, Day 4- Dive!! Normal Version
    Digimonukkah, Day 5- Boku ni Totte
    Digimonukkah, Day 6- Dive!! Anime Version
    Digimonukkah, Day 7- Brave Heart -tri. Version- CD+DVD Version
    Digimonukkah, Day 8- I Wish -tri. Version- CD+DVD Version
    Wada Kouji Digimon Memorial Best -sketch1-
    Wada Kouji Digimon Memorial Best -sketch2-
    Keep On -tri. Version- (CD Only Version)
    Keep On -tri. Version- (CD+DVD Version)

    Other things are expected to come out later in 2017, but donations have been exceptionally low, I attempt to fill in (or at times pay entirely on my own) but at the moment my funds are quite low.

    We have various digital codes that we toss out to donators, but we won't be listing them. They should seem like thanks for donating, not a trade.

    Also server upgrades were made late last year, which increased the monthly cost of running the site. This has kept the server relatively stable even during the release of tri. Part 4, which lead to the most people ever being on the site at the same time.

    I also wasn't able to get new BD software to use for the Blu-rays. I found a free replacement that sort of works, but it would be nice to upgrade to the proper software I need to make sure there won't be issues in the future.

    We also skipped getting the new image filters to potentially improve scan quality even further due to lack of money.

    Late last year we launched our gallery, and have added some new content to it, and hopefully soon will start adding older content to it also.

    We appreciate anything you can donate, thanks to all the prior people who have donated at times.
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