tri. Part 4 came out roughly a week ago.

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In the first 6 days of release it's sold 39,127 tickets for sales of 61 million yen.

Due to tri. being a small release film we tend to not get super detailed numbers for it, but we can compare some prior numbers.

Part 1s opening weekend sold 36k tickets for 59 million yen, and is certainly in line with the opening weekend box office for part 2, which after the numbers came out ended up being 46 million yen (part 1 had higher numbers it's initial weekend due to people rushing to see it since it was the first one.) Part 3 had estimates in it's initial weekend for roughly 44 million, but we know after it's first 4 days it was at 33,765 tickets for over 55 million yen..

Digimon Adventure tri. Part 4 was the number 2 film in the mini ranking, for films that are only in a handful of theaters.

Thus far Digimon Adventure tri. has appeared reasonably stable between releases (Higher numbers for part 1 are expected due to the general interest in Adventure returning.)

Thanks to ANN and Anime! Anime! for the info.