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Thread: Ultra beast + sin

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    Ultra beast + sin

    I came up with this table/theory in the afternoon. Its basically a tabulated list of the UBs and their possible connections, its just conjecture. I base it on my theories where attach elemental placement to the pokemon. I have more in my Digimon conjecture thread, find the zip file.

    I don't know where to post this so I'll leave it here. I don't where to post my theories. I would like to post more, or elaborate.

    - name - sin - category -

    Xurkitree - pride - electric
    Celesteela - lust - water
    Buzzwole - gluttony - steel
    Pheromosa - envy - dark
    Kartana - avarice - grass
    Guzzlord - sloth - dragon
    Nihilego - wrath - psychic
    Necroma - original sin - ?????

    Necrozma seems like it would posses all original evil. Maybe associated with Orphiuchus? Xurkitree, I place my electric/normal/ground catagory at the top most, its closest to Arceus. Celesteela is "heavenly" in design. Buzzwole is physically tough. Pheromosa, im guessing she fits the catagory. Kartana is made of organics. Guzzlord is a Dragon type and dragons are lower on the list. Finally, Nihilego has that psychic vibe, which is right at the bottom.

    Please see my website for more theories - daoistpagan.wordpress.com
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