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Thread: Appmon DVD-Box 1 Cover, Contest, & Unified Info, Update- More Images

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    Appmon DVD-Box 1 Cover, Contest, & Unified Info, Update- More Images

    We finally have the boxart for Appmon DVD-Box 1!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    We believe this is the cover to the artbox and not the slipcover by Kenichi Ohnuki (at least for the moment, we aren't sure.)

    In addition, each copy of DVD-Box 1 will come with a postcard. You send in and fill out the postcard before May 31st and you are entered in a drawing for 1 of 100 prizes. This will be Japan only.

    The prizes:
    Applidrive - 5 winners
    Appmon 3DS game - 5 winners
    Appmon Chip 3-pack set (1 pack from each of the 3 sets) - 20 winners
    Appmon Chip Set 4 Gashapon set (all 12 varieties in the set will be included) - 5 winners
    Appliarise Action Gatchmon - 7 winners
    Appmon 7code Pad - 3 winners
    Large Gatchmon Plush - 3 winners
    Ichiban-kuji Appmon Can Badges (all 20 designs will be included) - 2 winners
    TCG Set 2 Booster Pack - 5 winners
    Data Carddass 4-card pocket binder - 5 winners
    Appmon Buddy Collection gashapon keychains set 1 (all 5 designs included) - 5 winners
    Appmon Buddy Collection gashapon keychains set 2 (all 4 designs included) - 5 winners
    Lunchbox - 3 winners
    Plastic cup - 3 winners
    Chopsticks set - 3 winners
    Appliarise Monsters - 1 box (includes 20 toys) - 3 winners
    Crew Socks (you get 1 out of the 3 designs) - 3 winners
    Stationery Set (colouring book, notepad, jigsaw puzzle) - 5 winners
    B2 size (20.2 x 28.6 inches) Poster with Cast Autographs - 10 winners

    Below is all the prior info we have about the DVD-Box

    The first commercial for the upcoming Digimon Universe: AppliMonsters DVD-Boxes.

    It's a standard but nice ad for the home video release of the show.

    We found out the release schedule and plans for Appmon on DVD awhile ago

    The first boxset will come out on April 4th, 2017 for 11,800 yen.

    It contains episodes 1 thru 13.

    Amazon currently has both a normal listing and an Amazon exclusive edition. (Normal versions are CDJapan affiliate links.)

    Appmon DVD-Box 1 Pre-Order
    Appmon DVD-Box 1 Amazon Edition Pre-Order

    Listings for boxes 2 thru 4 are also up, all with the same price as box 1.

    Appmon DVD-Box 2, episodes 14 thru 25, July 4th, 2017
    Appmon DVD-Box 3, episodes 26 thru 37, October 3rd, 2017
    Appmon DVD-Box 4, episodes 38 thru 52, January 6th, 2018

    The Amazon exclusive bonus item is a bit detailed to get...

    You buy the 4 DVD-Boxes from Amazon Japan and each one comes with a voucher code. You use all 4 voucher codes on a special website once the boxes are out. They will only ship to Japan. In theory you could plan it out carefully with an intermediary if you really wanted it.

    When the redemption works you will recieve a B2 sized (20 by 29 inches) cloth poster.

    And the various listed features and extras for box 1:
    The art box itself will have a brand new design on it.
    A Slipcover designed by character designer Kenichi Ohnuki (who is also the art director for the series I think.)
    A 'special' booklet.

    As for on disk extras...
    Clean OP
    Clean ED
    Promotional Video (it isn't clear if this is a single video or plural)
    Character Introductions Video

    It's a nice looking package.

    We are taking donations to make sure we can get a copy for the site to do a proper breakdown as we always try to do.

    Our prior thread about the Appmon DVDs can be found here.

    Update- We have a lot more to see now! Thanks to G-Santos for the heads up and Animate Times for the image.

    We have a nice look at the package (hopefully bigger soon), which we saw the front of recently, we also get to see the inner box.

    I'm inclined to say the red/black is the inner box, while the 'art box' is in fact the slipcover.

    We also get our first look at the booklet, and the four disks themselves.
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    So no word on any Appmon or Tamers BDs yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velocifaptor View Post
    So no word on any Appmon or Tamers BDs yet?
    Nope. When/if there is it'll be reported just like we do everything else.
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    Pretty cool cover. I'm tempted to give Appmon another once it's finished.

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    Based on the cover, we can probably guess the others...

    Box 2- Dokamon drawn with blue lines.
    Box 3- Musimon drawn with yellow lines.
    Box 4- Hackmon drawn with purple lines.

    The one I'm least sure about is 4, for a few reasons... but I wouldn't be shocked if those were them.
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    Are any of those Post card prizes exclusive for that promotion? I don't think I've heard of some of that stuff (like that chopsticks set) before but then again they just keep pumping out so much utterly random merch (although mostly for tri.) that it's hard to keep track.

    I don't really know about that cover even though I'm a big fan of the color red. it's not horrible but I don't see how something that's predominantly black and somewhat minimalist captures the tone of Appmon... maybe they just wanted to have less colors to print. It's also strange how they completely ditched the actual appmon logo and went for an entirely different font (which btw is called Broadband Regular; I think figuring out fonts used in Digimon products might become my new hobby) but I guess the slipcover could take care of all those complaints.

    Also I wonder if the character introduction video is the same smartphone themed introduction video that they uploaded on youtube before the anime started.

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    ^I remember seeing the chopsticks and lunchbox on Rakuten or somewhere before, so I don't think they're exclusive..I think the only really exclusive thing might be the signed poster, maybe?

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    A lot of the smaller 'random' items we don't cover because there is just to many of them sometimes. We do try to though.

    The minimalistic style isn't abnormal for boxes.

    I remember... I think it was Yu Yu Hakusho using it to great effect.

    Anime franchises also do on occasion swap out their specialized logo for clean 'font' types for boxes.

    I expect it's less a cost thing, and more that it look striking on shelves. I expect the box material to be relatively nice, and the color lines to possibly be metallic.
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    We have pictures of the booklet, as well as the CD's, and the box or slipcover, I don't know which is which, but is the one other than the one we had.
    I like how the back has the icons of the episodes' Appmon, and the main four as favorite icons.
    Anime... PAAWAA!!!

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    Updated the news with this new info.
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