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Thread: Digimon RP: A New Journey (Sign-ups/Discussion)

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    Digimon RP: A New Journey (Sign-ups/Discussion)

    Hi everyone! I'm so sorry this took so long to create!! Since I already had a few users who are interested in joining a story I've been planning for months, I decided to make it into a RP! Much of what I have said on other posts and threads will be added here, for the sake of organization. I've also made a few changes to help improve everything.
    This particular story is inspired from the following: Digimon Adventure, Digimon World, Digimon World: Next Order, and Digimon World Championship. (I might also borrow elements from stories outside of Digimon) These are also mostly ideas, and are subject to change if one concept is favored over another.

    The Plot
    In the real world, Digimon and the Digital World were completely unheard of. Such a tale would just be considered a silly urban myth someone randomly made up. Unbeknownst to everyone however, these very things have started causing havoc within their home planet.
    A group of 8 or less humans have been mysteriously transported to the Digital World via an electrical storm. From there, they are introduced by an elder Digimon and guided on what they need to do to put a stop to any chaos currently happening.


    • First and foremost, follow the forum rules!
    • All chosen tamers must be 18 or older; It's a Digimon story where the main cast are adults.
    • It is recommended you stick to one or two elements for your partner, and different from what was already selected at the time.
    • No common or more well known partners like Agumon, Gabumon, Palmon, Biyomon, Renamon, Veemon, ect.
    • Canon or Alternate evolution lines are good! Feel free to make your evolution line however you want, as long as it makes sense; Like a line of insects, or a line of birds.
    • Even though the main characters are adults, please refrain from anything beyond PG. (I'm sure that might be a forum rule already but I'm putting this here anyway. Hope that's alright!)
    • Each digidestined must have only one partner, no exceptions.

    Ideas and possible suggestions
    As mentioned, these are the partners I personally liked as partner choices, each based on a particular family:
    Bearmon (Nature Spirits), Fanbeemon (Wind Guardians), Kotemon (Metal Empire), Floramon (Jungle Troopers), Bakumon (Virus Busters), and maybe Dracomon (Dragon's Roar).
    Thanks to the forum members for helping with this!
    And while I personally like these ideas for Digimon partners, feel free to choose what YOU would want for your OC's partner! Just make sure it sticks to a particular digital family.

    Mia, my Digimon self insert character, will have a Nightmare Soldiers partner that is quite familiar with water, since he spent a part of his life in or near the ocean. This is his line:
    Poyomon - Pagumon - DemiDevimon - Sorcerymon - Baalmon - Beelzemon
    I've mentioned this line before but I thought to put it here as well so things don't get too confusing.

    I was thinking the story, much like in other series' will follow some arcs. It'll start out with villain Digimon; MarineDevimon could be the third arc, and the later arcs will involve other humans discovering the Digital World and using it to enslave and modify (Or clone) Digimon for their own benefit. MarineDevimon can also eventually digivolve into Boltboutamon in the future. There will likely be 4 arcs in total, but there can be 5 at most.

    Like I said before, the Digital World in this story is based off the worlds from others such as Adventure, World, and World Championship. So this means that it very much resembles a rural Earth-like universe, but with various technology placed within. In addition to this lots of plants and sands are normally found in areas they are not commonly associated with, such as golden rocks or white sand in a desert. (Maybe those kind of things do exist though. x_x; )
    Some ideas for areas in this Digital World;
    • A savanna with cacti and red ground, vending machines and refrigerators placed all around.
    • A beach with white sand, palm trees, and flower bushes, with various street signs scattered around.
    • A desert with white sand and blossom trees. Contains pyramids and many mysterious artifacts.
    • A snowy tundra with street lights and cable polls, and surrounded by the ocean.
    • A golden canyon with volcanoes, mailboxes, and pools of boiling water.
    • A mountainous forest which contains telephone booths. Many different flowers and fruit grow there.
    • A toybox-based village which contains a school for young digimon, and an amusement park right next to it.

    More can be added in the future, but this is what I have so far!

    For characters, I don't really have a set sheet required for them. But I guess I would like to see a name, gender, age (18+ only for Digidestined, as well as other adult characters), personality, appearance, and Digimon partner. The line of the Digimon partner can also be included. I have a bio for my self insert character in the writing section of the forums.

    This is it, I hope I did this well! Feel free to enter your characters and give feedback on how to improve this! Also if anyone who was going to join this RP joined another RP, that's fine too. Again, I'm sorry I took so long to get this started. I hope it's still a good time to post this now!
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    sounds good, but what about the "gameplay"?

    im going for a comic relief character
    Name: Brody
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Personality: he acts tough but in reality he is a coward, can be quite a douche from time to time.
    his hobbies are mostly listening to bad music and going to the club, trying to pick up girls.
    Digimon: Tyumon>Sukamon>Etemon>KingEtemon

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    Interesting character! I'm honestly surprised anyone would have a Chuumon or Sukamon for a partner.

    And the gameplay? I was just thinking the story would start from people being transported to the Digital World and pick up from there. For RP style I was thinking it would be in written form similar to how people write fanfics, preferably in third person.

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    Lol I love Sukamon and Numemon tbh, in Dawn I had both then DNAed them together :P. I intetionally got Numemons and Sukamons in games so I could make them OP and kill everyone. If I signed up here though I'd probably go; Monmon, Hookmon Red, Armourmon, Cannondramon

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    I would love to join, if this is still a thing. I'm currently developing an OC so it would be nice to try her out in a roleplay!

    ***Standing tall, together as one!***

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    I was JUST coming back here to check on the threads I made, lol!

    This can still be a thing if more people want to still join! Hopefully the RP would turn out well and everyone would be happy!

    I was thinking, and maybe I was a bit too restrictive with the Digimon Family thing... I think it's okay if people stick with one or two families/elements for their partner. For example, Fanbeemon is Wind Guardians but its line may also be Jungle Troopers since it's a bug. So if someone wants a Deep Savers partner that's okay too, my partner's line is mainly Nightmare Soldiers. But despite this, my partner is also familiar with water and water-based moves. I hope this made sense!
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    Well, we could give a try, why not?
    This may come up being interesting. I'd like to participate. But I guess everybody should be involved. It may be a little boring to wait days and days for new posts. Maybe everybody should be active at least one time per week, or something like that?

    I think you should create some rules that makes restrictions. For example, we can't evolve before a certain event occur, or before you say it's OK. Since I'm seeing you're not going for RPG mechanics for the fights, and is focusing more on the story, some rules would help things work fine, and prevent someone for being too much strong, for example.

    If you want, I can help you with this. I'm not very experienced about RPGs, but maybe two heads think better than one.

    Anyway, I'll try to create a character for me and I'll edit this post with it.

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    Thanks for telling me! I'm so sorry this took so long for me to respond. I get preoccupied with other things a lot so I'm not the most active member here.

    I guess activity once a week is good, I just wasn't sure if everyone else would be able to be so active like that. ^^; I was a bit more lenient because some people might miss weeks of being on here and might have still wanted to join the RP.
    I think the evolution rule is a good idea, I was thinking of Adventure's evolution rules somewhat; Digimon partners evolve when they have to fight enemies, and devolve back to a previous form once they are finished. Champions devolve to rookies, Ultimates devolve to in-training, ect. But later in the story they get stronger, and will devolve into Rookie after their Ultimate form for example.

    I'm thinking of once again reviewing my storyline to see if it needs any tweaking to it, it's mostly an inspired story but I can try to make it more original if that is better.
    If you'd still like to, you can help me! Thanks for the offer! If anyone else has ideas they can suggest here too. ^^

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