Name: Nathan “Nate” Walker
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Appearance: Tan, tallish, and well-built with pensive brown eyes. He often hides his dark, medium-length hair under a beanie, but will occasionally remove it in times of stress or restlessness. He’s big into active outerwear and muted colors—especially shades of green—and his trademark jacket embodies both.
Personality: Despite his tough appearance, Nate’s just a respectful, low-key guy—more listener than talker, more thinker than fighter. He’s a good team player, even a leader, but mostly prefers to do his own thing. Though he’s able to shoulder the burdens adulthood and his family present, Nate secretly longs for the days when his only responsibility was to himself. For now, he just goes with the flow.
Digivice: Green

Digimon: Floramon
Gender: Female
Personality: Floramon is idealistic, kind, and eager to help others, but isn’t especially self-assured—least of all in close combat. She tends to attack from a distance with whips and projectiles, fearful of retaliation and injury. Floramon likes to have fun and enjoy the little things, and she dreams of a better world where that can happen for all Digimon.
Family: Wind Guardians
Line: Nyokimon - Yokomon - Floramon - Shurimon - Lillymon - BanchoLillymon