Last year Digimon Adventure tri. had a collaboration with the King of System Karaoke chain.

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We found out during the most recent Tokuban that this would happen again, and we already have all the details!

The newest Digimon Adventure tri. and King of System event will run between February 25th (this Saturday when tri. Part 4 comes out in Japan) and ends on April 9th!

This will take place at 8 of the locations: Ikebukuro Higashiguchi, Ikebukuro Higashiguchi Sunshine St. (this location is noted as being brand new), Shinjuku Kabuki-cho, Shibuya Dogenzaka, Machida, Sakuragi-cho, Omiya, and Kawasaki Ginryugai. Reservations can be made online. If you are going to be in the area, it may be worth calling first, as they seem to be listing different locations in different places. In one section Kawasaki Gunryugai isn't listed, but they list Funabashi... Perhaps some copy paste mistakes since much of the event this time is similiar to the last collaboration.)

Various Digimon songs will have anime footage play while the songs are being sung including: Butter-fly, I Wish, Target, Itsumo Itsudemo, Biggest Dreamer, Fire and an Endless Tale.

And since it's a chain of karaoke stores, there obviously must also be a karaoke contest!

The contest will run over the entire event, so you have plenty of time to try if you are in Japan!

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The contest features a wide range of songs from Digimon Adventure, 02, Tamers, Frontier, Savers, and tri. The contest will run over the entire event, so you have plenty of time to try if you are in Japan!

You get scored based on how well you do on the various Digimon songs listed on the image above.

The prizes are:
98 points and up: All of the coasters
95-97 points: You get to choose one of the coasters
88, 77, or 66 points: One random coaster

Coasters? Well, like last time they are bringing back the themed drinks and special coasters!

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Each drink is 550 yen and comes with a random coaster featuring a scene from Digimon Adventure tri. Part 4!

They will even let you order the drinks for take-out if you aren't doing karaoke.

The full drink lineup is the same as last time: (They specify there is no alcohol in any of these drinks.)

Taichi and Agumon: Cola with lemon syrup and an orange slice.

Yamato and Gabumon: Soda Water with blue curacao (made from the laraha citrus fruit, this is a non-alcoholic substitute given an identical name) and lemonade syrup and a lemon slice.

Sora and Piyomon: Hot tea with sakura syrup and a strawberry.

Koushirou and Tentomon: Chilled Oolong Tea with Blackcurrant syrup and berries.

Mimi and Palmon: CC Lemon (a Japanese lemon soft drink) with Kiwi Syrup and star shaped nata-de-coco (nata-de-coco is a fermented and sweetened coconut jelly.)

Jou and Gomamon: Milk with black sesame sauce and crushed coffee jelly mixed in.

Takeru and Patamon: White Water (this appears to be like Calpis, which is an uncarbonated soda that tastes like milk or yogurt) with Pineapple juice. It is topped with a mixture of whipped cream and blue curacao.

Hikari and Tailmon: Milk mixed with white peach-ade along with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Meiko and Maicoomon: Soda water with blueberry syrup and strawberry syrup and raspberry sauce.

With more time to think about it, along with the custom drinks and menu from the cafe, how does everyone feel about the custom drinks at the karaoke shops?

Thanks to garm for the translations last time (a chunk of which was reused) and shin for new details.

We finish with the collaboration art, which is largely the same as last time, but with the tri. Part 4 poster this time on the left, and the logos on the right.

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