We first found out Agumon would be appearing in the Appmon Data Carddass card/arcade game just a few days ago as part of the Digimon 20th Anniversary celebration.

We already have a trailer that reveals a few more details!

It appears Agumon will Warp Evolve to WarGreymon without using Appmon's pre-existing Appfuse system.

We also get a much better look at the Agumon card in the trailer, along with our first look at the WarGreymon card.

Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)

Interesting looking art for both of them, it has a clean cel shaded look.

And if you look carefully at the WarGreymon card, you might notice something else... Agumon won't be alone!

Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)

Gabumon will also be appearing, along with warp evolving into MetalGarurumon.

And of course, where WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon appear...

Image Thumbnail (custom)


They refer to the WarGreymon/MetalGarurumon combination with the traditional 'gattai', it appears to work the same as the games pre-existing appfuse system (which makes sense, since it's functionally identical to the way you'd expect WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon to combine.)

The Digimon 20th material is currently scheduled to be added to the Data Carddass game on March 16th, so it'll be a short wait.

Especially interesting, is while the cards have the CP (and SEC) marker to show they are going to be among the more rare cards, they have normal numbers, suggesting they aren't special promotional cards, but normal cards included in the 3rd set of Appmon Data Carddass cards...

Also... one seems to be missing... Agumon is listed as 3-047, Gabumon is 3-048, WarGreymon is 3-049, MetalGarurumon is 3-050.... and then Omegamon is 3-052. So who is 3-051?

And in addition, with the new 3rd series of cards and the Digimon cards being added, they are redesigning the artwork on the machines to have an Appmon/Digimon marquee, along with adding images of the Digimon cards to where they show off some of the cards

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Looks like Digimon fans will have some neat Appmon cards to look forward to.

Hopefully we get translations and more details soon, because it looks rather neat.