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Thread: Digimon Adventure tri: Part 4 Loss Discussion

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    I thought I saw the end somewhere before...

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    I mostly agree with what Theigno wrote.

    Generally I didn't like this part too much. Maybe if it had more episodes and told us more facts I would like it more. But it didn't. During the four episodes they just befriended again their partners, fought Mugendramon and teleported from one place to another a few times. The only facts we got are that Gennai is evil, and that Himekawa and Nishijima been once to the Digital World (because they're the original DigiDestined).

    The opening scene with original DigiDestined was pretty nice. I think many of us waited to see what will happen next, how this scene will evolve. And it was pretty dark, something what Digimon franchise is missing. I don't have any complaints that Himekawa and Nishijima are the original DigiDestined except one thing. I can understand that Himekawa had her own agenda, and for this reason she wasn't really friendly with the current DigiDestined, but I can't understand why Nishijima hid that small fact from them. Especially that he went through the same story as they have, and therefore he surely could aid them. I also didn't like how Himekawa friendzoned Nishijima and kept secrets from him. Before this part I thought that they just met in the agency and had to work together. Now it seems they know each other from when they were children, and almost died together several times in the Digital World. It is so unnatural for Himekawa to treat him like a pawn or subordinate, and not a friend.

    The fight against Mugendramon (and MetalSeadramon) was kinda odd. They surely should take another Digimons to that fight. The DigiDestined know well how strong the Dark Masters were, and therefore they should try to avoid fighting them at all costs. They should know that a single heavy rock won't stop Mugendramon either. It would be a different story if they fought a Digimon they don't know, then a single rock possibly would be enough to defeat it because its strength would be weaker. But Dark Masters should be strong, even if they're just puppets. I also hoped to see the other ones as well, or at least Piemon. Maybe Takeru would remember the troubles he had with them (maybe he could make a remark that he almost lost his balls while fighting Pinochimon). Interesting thing is that the first time Mugendramon appears, Sora calls it Machinedramon, but later it is called Mugendramon.

    I don't think the licking scene was bad. This time around we finally have a twisted antagonist that is not evil because he keeps saying that he's evil, but because of his actions. Kinda like Kurata. Plus, it adds one more layer to the show - the person that we thought through all this years is good and helped us a lot of times turns out to be really evil. It might be really hard to fight someone who saved our lives several times already, and we think we know them very well.

    I also like the inclusion of Yggdrasil. We know that Homeostasis plays in this series much bigger role than they played in the original Adventure series. For this reason their enemy should be of the same caliber if not stronger. We all can imagine that no matter how strong a Digimon can be, they can never match in strength Homeostasis. For this reason only a god can be reasonable enemy.

    What I liked in this part? Definitely the moment when Yamato asked Taichi if they should ask Takeru for advice. Seems like Takeru became a real playboy. Pretty funny considering how childish he was in the Adventure. Another one when they tried to digivolve Digimons to their higher level and Tentomon said that "please" alone is not enough to allow them to digivolve. Too bad screenwriters ruined this moment later when out of nowhere they allowed Digimons to digivolve to their highest levels. I also liked when Hikari said that it is good that Digimons lost their memory. Surely Tailmon gained from this Although maybe not... I still remember Tailmon's words in the Xros Wars manga when she said that she has been looking for Wizardmon's data hundreds of years now, and if they ever will meet again she will give him water to drink again. Maybe it would be better for Tailmon not to lose her memories...
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    Im on my phone so I have to be brief. Most people mentioned all the things I had to say anyways. The pacing bothered me the most but the good parts were really enjoyable. Himekawa reminds me of Wendimon in Hurricane Touchdown, tri explores very similar themes of grief and the pain of nostalgia which I found cathartic. I wish she reacted better to Tapirmon's amnesia. It makes her a lot less sympathetic. I wonder if Tapirmon turned into Huanglongmon but nobody knew? Nemomon Himekawa couldn't tell him because he would try to help her let go. Its like an addict hiding their drug addiction. She's too far gone. I teared up a lot while watching this, ,it caused so many emotions and nostalgic memories. About 5 years ago I went through a tramatic time in my life and got sick and that's when I started watching Digimon again for a simple distraction. I found my old cards and used Tapirmon as a silly charm to keep away nightmares and upsetting memories because he eats bad dreams. I can't believe they used Tapirmon for tri like this.

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    I just had a thought. They are currently on File Island right (at least based on the locations we've seen so far)...but wasn't Tonosama Gekomon's palace on Server?

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    Mimi got there through the distortion, so it possible that she was sent to Server and then brought back by the next distortion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dexter1998 View Post
    I went back to the first movie and saw the evolution sequences... the Digimons where already infected at that point. Only in this OVA the evolutions didn't had the 2 on the sequences.
    Good eye! I didn't notice the missing 2 until you pointed that out.

    The idea of the Digimon being trinary was always amusing, but looking back, sneaking that kind of foreshadowing into the evolution sequence of all places... damn. Well played, Toei.

    Quote Originally Posted by DigiAmy View Post
    I will say though that them getting their memories back in a future movie is a good point, but I'm not sure if everyone else really likes that idea, I'm probably the only one who does.
    Well, it's gotta happen, or this is gonna end up raising even more questions about that 02 ending.

    "Taichi became a diplomat.
    Sora became a fashion designer.
    Jo became a doctor.
    All of our Digimon died in a reboot, came back, and lost their memories of everything that we went through together.
    Hikari became a kindergarten teacher."
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    not gonna write a wall of text most things been already said, i liked it and we finally got some answers.

    something odd i noticed, maki saying "why where only four chosen?" they were 5 kids, unless she is referring to the Digimon which would imply that Megadramon (her partner?) did not become huanglongmon but rather just got sacrificed for that one attack
    very odd

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    She was referring to the Digimon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AquaVersus View Post

    I kind of want to be honest, but I don't want to sound mean or like I have bad intentions, so I'm going to be as polite as possible: I'm no digi-doctor, but based on many of your posts that I've seen, I think you have a very strong case of Adventure nostalgia. There's nothing immediately wrong with this! Adventure is my favorite of the anime shows, to the point where the initial reveal "teaser" for Tri back in the day (the one that had no actual footage of Tri but merely existed to show us that it was coming) had me literally crying because of all of the emotions I was feeling.

    But I think it might do you good to check out some of the other shows that you previously couldn't get into and try watching a few episodes with an open mind -- maybe in Japanese, too, if you've only seen the English dubs of these shows. Not sure what you have or have not seen (or in which language you've seen them), but it really does seem to me that you are implying you couldn't get into the other Digimon shows because they were not close enough to Adventure.

    As I've said to you in another post, there is nothing wrong with disliking something on a conceptual level. I'm just wondering if you are holding these other Digimon shows AGAINST Adventure when you try to give them a chance, and maybe that's the reason why you can't enjoy them. I *love* Adventure and I even enjoyed Adventure 02, so it was hard for me when Tamers was announced -- but I went into it knowing that it was supposed to be very different from Adventure and comparing it to an earlier show was completely fruitless. I don't know if something like "well I really like Adventure and these other shows just aren't the same" is a good enough reason -- just for me personally, though, when having a discussion. If that's the reason then that's the reason, a bunch of nerdy forum posts on my end are going to change that -- but these other Digimon shows and stories definitely have concepts and ideas, at the very least, that are interesting and worth exploring even if you don't end up liking them as much as Adventure. I adore Tamers and Frontier, for example, but for me they're still not as good as Adventure -- but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy them for what they are.

    I hope that was respectful.

    Anyway, even though there's all of that.....I totally agree with you, I don't want Yggdrasil in Adventure. It feels lazy to me, and as others have pointed out, the direction of the story is starting to feel like someone's fanfiction (especially with the inclusion of the original Chosen Children and the four holy beasts). But that's what we're getting, so I guess all we can do is hope that they make it all work.
    Yeah, I do have a case of nostalgia I guess, I'd consider myself the Digimon equivalent of a Genwunner if Genwunners didn't judge others for liking the different Pokemon generations (Which is a stupid thing to do). Tbh I'm more concerned about coming across as ignorant or even annoying to others than them coming across as rude, because people usually get upset at others for a reason. And while I have different opinions, I try to be as nice in my conversations as possible. (And I realized I was probably too salty about Tri before... Oops. ^^; )

    I don't have much time to reply to everything quote by quote (Which is kinda tedious to do anyway) so I'll just write my responses in paragraphs.

    When I was younger, I actually used to enjoy watching Frontier. As I got older I also enjoyed some of the games, like watching let's plays of Digimon World and Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth. The reason why I don't like Frontier now is because of how they seem to play some of the female characters for fanservice, which honestly disgusts me. (But that's another conversation for another time) And the writing seems to have its flaws at times.
    As a kid I did actually watch some episodes of the other shows, including 02 and Tamers, but I couldn't get into them as much. Adventure had always been my favorite series, both as a kid and when I revisited it a few years ago as an adult. Especially the third arc! (I watched both the dub and subbed versions of the show, and not too much changed between the two.) I will admit and say some of the messages the other shows explain are well thought out and good to see, but overall I just can't like them as much as I like the first series.

    I mostly watched reviews of the series, and some of them explained that Jou was rude to Gomamon at first and that he didn't want to be a Digidestined. I think I understand now why he was skeptical, perhaps I misunderstood what he meant. I know I haven't watched the movies yet and I hope I'm not wrongfully judging the book by its cover, but I don't want to be obligated to watch a bunch of movies if I don't really want to.

    Yeah, I don't mean that something different is automatically bad unless the creators are being lazy, I just don't like it even if angst was the intent.

    Tbh, I didn't realize that the writers said the Digimon didn't get their memories back in part 4 specifically. What I meant to say was I wouldn't like it if they never got their memories back, rather than getting them back right away. I understand that stories can have angst but with happy endings, but I was never a fan of sad endings in general.

    It almost reminds me of Princess and the Frog where the main characters learn a valuable lesson, and eventually return to normal afterward. Even if things are back to the way they were the message is still there. I do understand how Hikari feels about Salamon's memories. But I think I would have understood the story more if the Digimon were less hostile. The partners were programmed to be with their human friends, so I don't understand why they couldn't at least recognize who they were either. I guess it's the angst that bothered me the most, because it doesn't feel like the Digidestined and their partners are as close anymore.

    Also, I seen all the Adventure episodes up until the last half of the Dark Masters Arc. Maybe that's why I didn't realize Homeostasis was also in Adventure. ^^; I don't think I was trying to hold the other shows up to Adventure's standards, but they're quite different and some of them I just don't like as much. I guess it's more of a matter of personal taste than comparing others, I hope I didn't end up comparing shows and not realizing it.

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    "I know I haven't watched the movies yet and I hope I'm not wrongfully judging the book by its cover, but I don't want to be obligated to watch a bunch of movies if I don't really want to."

    Then why are you commenting on a review thread for one of the movies...?

    ...you haven't even seen the entirety of the first season? I'm not sure what you're doing on a Digimon forum.

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