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Thread: V-Jump Preview- Agumon in Appmon Card/Arcade Game & Zubamon Evos, Updated

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    Quote Originally Posted by TMS View Post
    Wouldn't it be pronounced "supa" in that case? Or do Ps sound like Bs sometimes in Danish?
    Quote Originally Posted by Garmmon View Post
    Not only that, the 'i' in Danish 'spiger' is pronounced like 'ee', not 'eye' like in Subaigamon's name. The pronunciation I found also doesn't voice the 'g' in spiger.
    I wouldn't completely rule it out I guess..it could be an inspiration/alteration.
    Both very valid points. I'm just pointing it out in case that ended up being a "pa" instead of a "ba". Sometimes, that's tough to tell with the scans. But yeah, we've got clear scans and they show that it is "ba", so yeah, it's Subaigamon. Teaches me for looking at the scans a bit TOO quickly.

    On that note... why do I have the gut feeling that his Ultimate will be named after the Muramasa or Excalibur?
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    If it was Excalibur, it'd be another case of the franchise doubling up on mythological references, since Excalibur is already the name of HolyAngemon's and Seraphimon's swords. Muramasa or Masamune would be neat, though either might seem a little out of place given how there doesn't seem to be much Japanese influence in the rest of the line. I need to look at some equipment lists from the Castlevania games to see what other famous swordish things they could use.
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    Arondight springs to mind. They could also go with Caliburn.
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    Muramasa... Excalibur... Hmm I like the idea of Legendary Arms based on the famous tales of the certain weapons in different countries.

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    What would Spadamon be?

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    As was mentioned earlier Duramon seems clearly based on the Durandal, a sword used under Charlemagne of Francia's rule. Specifically, it was used by Roland, his paladin.

    Spadamon is probably a spada de lato or espada ropera from Spain. I'm not familiar with any particularly famous espadas apart from the Colada and Tizona. Scratch that, there's also the espada lobera. The only swords I can find with a connection to a lion are: the Lithuanian Grundwald Sword, the Polish Szczerbiec, and the Papal blessed sword. Only the latter has any connection with Spain.

    As a note of curiosity, another unused sword (unless I'm totally spacing) would be Nęgling from the epic of Beowulf.

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    Actually, we know Spadamon's name origin.

    His (let's go with) counterpart, Armamon, is named after the Italian word for weapon, Arma.

    Spada itself is Italian for sword.

    Nice name connection between two Digimon created as counterpoints to eachother.

    It also fits with Spadamon's weapon being a sword, and that, even in the mode we call a 'spear', there is a blade coming off the end that would allow for 'sword style' slashing attack.
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    Updated details and images, along with more Digimon appearing in the Appmon card game can be found here.
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    Updated the news...

    Swapped in better images, and also added a name correction from Bandai and V-Jump.

    The name they printed as スバイガーモン and we translated as Spaigamon was printed incorrectly in the issue.

    The proper Japanese spelling is ズバイガーモン, which comes out as Zubaigamon, or potentially Zubaigermon.
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