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Thread: Butter-Fly Ranks 5th in NHK Top 100 Anime Song Poll

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    Butter-Fly Ranks 5th in NHK Top 100 Anime Song Poll

    We previously posted about Digimon Adventure doing well in the preliminary anime polls...

    In addition to the basic anime polls, NHK has done a number of other polls to celebrate the 100th anniversary of anime.

    And Digimon has done quite well in the top anime song poll.

    The polls are closed and NHK did a live show going through the top 100, we now know that Butter-Fly by Wada Kouji ranked 5th!

    In addition to Butter-Fly being 5th, Brave Heart by Ayumi Miyazaki was in the expanded listings online at 149th (but for whatever reason was listed as being from Zero-Two.)

    Thankfully, we have images of the program.

    Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Fantastic ranking for Butter-Fly and Wada Kouji being in the top 5 and also a great showing by Brave Heart and Ayumi Miyazaki making it in the top 150.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The original single for Butter-Fly came out on April 23rd, 1999 (roughly a month and a half after Adventure began to air.) It also included the song Seven along with Karaoke versions of both songs.

    Thanks to yukimidigi for the images of the program and susuyan81 and Director Kakudou for the info.

    Update- Thanks to story_terror we have an image of the final top 10 screen.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)
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    Junior Commander Tetra Seleno's Avatar
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    This news brought a huge smile to my face. So great to see the arguably most iconic song in Digimon do so well in this poll.
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    Ain't got no mojo... MidoriHime's Avatar
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    I'm more than smug it beat out Evangelion lol

    But it's really nice that it ranked so high. It's a very nostalgic song, and honestly an OP that still holds up to this day.

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    Yuri on Ice and School Idol Project making the top 5 seem very predictable, especially with the former being trendy at the moment. I've seen a few episodes of Tiger and Bunny but have to admit that I don't remember the opening theme at all.

    Great to see Butter-Fly made it all the way up there, but it'll always be number one in my heart

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    I come from the net Paruseruru mafubu's Avatar
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    I really happy that Butter-Fly made the top 5 and am not surprised. This song is so great (R.I.P. Wada Kouji) certainly one of my all-time favorites and always will be. The nostalgia, happy childhood memories.
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